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Honda approves CTR9

honda-logo.jpgCar-O-Liner is proud to announce that Honda Motor Europe has approved the CTR9 Spot Welder.
The CTR9 welder meets the requirements set by Honda Motor Europe in 2019 for spot welding of Ultra-high strength steel parts. 


 See the Newsletter and approval document: NL949 Honda approves CTR9.pdf  |  Honda recommendation CTR9.pdf

CTR9 video capture 2.jpg

8/12/2019 at 2:01 PM

WorldSkills Set-up



The Car-O-Liner team, with members from Sweden and China, are working feverishly setting up for WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan, Russia. Ronnie Eneroth, a member of the International Measuring Team says that it is going well, even if language is a small problem. With lots of sign language and hand waving they are managing to get the job done!





Hyundai & Kia Motors gives a global approval to CTR9 .

Special tool and equipment

New body repair system
Resistance spot welder - CTR9

Vaatz number: GD544201907020004

The CTR9 joins the Quick 42, BenchRack & Speed alignment benches and welders CTR7, CTR12000 and CMI273 in the list of
Car-O-Liner products which have received global approvals.

Car-O-Liner is proud to announce that the new CTR9® automatic spot welder has been named runner up for the design of its C-tong/telescopic support arm in the Core77 Design Awards, Commercial Equipment category.

This prestigious award recognizes excellence in all areas of design enterprise.  Now in its eighth year, the Awards program remains dedicated to excellence and inclusivity, offering both students and professionals the opportunity to promote their best work on a global scale across 14 distinct design disciplines.


CTR9-video-capture-1w.jpgThe Car-O-Liner Product Development and Engineering teams, together with Yovinn AB, worked for more than one year to create a product that communicates powerfulness, flexibility, smoothness and an easy-to-work-with expression. The major ergonomic challenge was to design a well-balanced product regardless of the size of the spot welder’s different electrode yokes. Since the yoke must be changed to fit in different welding situations inside the car body, the center of gravity of the product varies depending on size of yoke that is used. This challenge was solved by designing a shape of the body that could provide the user a range of different holding positions while welding, combined with the telescopic support arm that reduce weight and a handle with a swivel function.


According to Jonny Jangdin, Product Manager Joining and Heating at Car-O-Liner, “We listened to our customers as they explained that most welders in use today are heavy to use and that sick leave due to work-related injuries was high among the welding technicians.” He adds, “Yovinn and Car-O-Liner have designed a “zero-gravity” welder that not only welds faster and with highly accurate results but also is safer and easier to use.”


Launched in 2018, the CTR9® fully automatic welder comes with a new, revolutionized light-weight transformer gun. With its 355° swivel handle and ergo-grip, it enables perfect working positions for anyone, for any job. The gun is supported by a telescopic arm in a durable and lightweight extruded aluminum that can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally. A compact power unit with a low center of gravity gives mobility and stability, a 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication ensure a perfect weld every time.
Read more about CTR9® at:

6/12/2019 at 9:51 AM


Summer is soon upon us and as usual during the summer the CAR-O-LINER offices will have adjusted opening days. Please see details below.



THE FACTORY & SWEDISH SWITCHBOARD will be closed between July 15 – July 26.
ORDERS may be placed as usual by e-mail to: The order department will supply limited support during this time.
SERVICE & SUPPORT will be open as usual: +46 (0)227 412 24 |

Offices will remain open but with limited support during the July/early August vacation period.

The order department will be closed July 15 - 26.
Service & Support will be open as usual: +46 19 30 40 22 |

Limited support during July.

Full support the entire summer.


mercedes-logo.jpgThe addition of the BenchRack™ 6300 for the repair of the Sprinter segment of vehicles adds to the list of Mercedes-Benz approved Car-O-Liner products which include: BenchRack™ 5000, 5500, MB Adapters for EVO™, Car-O-Tronic® Vision2 X3, CMI3000II™ and PNP90 XT2. 



New clamping kits are being created for Sprinter, X-Class, A-Class, G-Class and GLE Class vehicles. These kits are not yet available, more information will come soon. 


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Go to Certificates & Approvals>All OEM Approvals>Mercedes-Benz to see all approval information for Mercedes-Benz

2/22/2019 at 1:04 PM

GM Approval for CTR9

Official information now available on the GM website.

GM has globally approved the CTR9 from Car-O-Liner.

You will find the information on their website:


A PDF copy of the website is available under Approvals.

Car-O-Liner is proud to announce that Opel/Vauxhall in Europe has approved our Point X diagnostic measuring tool.

Opel/Vauxhall has approved PointX II for the following:
• Diagnosis of collision damaged vehicles
• Diagnosis of previously owned cars
• Further diagnosis in chassis measurement for the exclusion procedure

"We are so happy to receive this approval with Opel/Vauxhall," says Timo Gröning, Car-O-Liner GmbH. "PointX provides fast and accurate damage analysis and is an essential tool when aiming at growing workshop business."

 PointX II

The Opel/Vauxhall design PointX will ship directly to customers from the Car-O-Liner facility in Germany while special attention will be given to those dealers who participate in training/service.

For more information please contact Mr. Timo Gröning:

In order to prepare for the WorldSkills competition 2019 in Kazan, Russia, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will held the 45th WorldSkills Competition National Qualification Trials in Shanghai and in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

WS Kazan.jpgThe 45th WorldSkills Competition will be held in Kazan, Russia, in August 2019.  

On June 13, the 45th WorldSkills Competition National Qualification Trials (Shanghai Division) was fully launched at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). This event was sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and organized by Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It is the first time that Shanghai of China has successfully held the comprehensive vocational skills competition after successfully bidding for the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2021. By organizing this event the Chinese officials will be better able to complete the preparations for the 46th WorldSkills Competition. Zhang Jinan, Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Tang Tao, Vice Minister, and Zhou Bo, Standing Member of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Municipality, have jointly patrolled the arena and conducted exchanges with relevant experts, competitors and visitors.

WS board.jpgThis National Qualification Trials is an important event for China to prepare for the 45th WorldSkills Competition and is a state-level Class I competition. Outstanding players are selected to enter the national team in the National Qualification Trials, so as to lay a foundation for selecting excellent players who will represent China to participate in the 45th WorldSkills Competition finally. There exist 52 competition items in the National Qualification Trials, covering all the items in the WorldSkills Competition. The National Qualification Trials will be held in two divisions, that is, Shanghai and Guangdong divisions.

Shanghai Division covers a total of 34 competition items, such as aircraft maintenance, auto-body repair and mobile robots, involving all the six fields of the WorldSkills Competition, namely transportation and logistics, manufacturing and engineering technology, structure and building technology, information and communications technology, creative art and fashion, as well as social and personal services. At the same time, 38 organizations including high-skilled talent training bases and partners of the WorldSkills Competition jointly displayed 32 exhibition and interaction halls in the competition terrain, which presents diverse skills display and interactive experience activities.  

The 46th WorldSkills Competition will be held in Shanghai, China  in 2021. Responsible persons from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security stated that full participation in the 45th WorldSkills Competition by holding the national qualification trials in accordance with the world skill standards and procedures will fully demonstrate the ability of China to organize large-scale vocational skills competitions and help China present a WorldSkills Competition characterized by novelty and profound significance.

Car-O-Liner Co, Ltd won the Best Cooperative Enterprise Award in the 3rd Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui Awards Ceremony

Jinrui Award.jpgCar-O-Liner Academy recently accepted the Best Partner Company award at the 3rd Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui competition which is sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education. It is a symbol that the Guangzhou Education Bureau has commended Car-O-Liner Academy for its excellent innovation and great contribution to school-enterprise cooperation, and indicates that Car-O-Liner Academy will continue to enhance Guangzhou vocational education in the future.


This Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui Award was awarded to the city's vocational technical college and technical schools for their outstanding teachers and students, and excellent companies in school-enterprise cooperation by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Guangzhou Vocational and Technical Education Society during the "Guangzhou 2018 Vocational Education Activity Week".  This event widely promotes the development and transformation of vocational education in Guangzhou, to fully demonstrate the achievements of highly qualified education, and to promote the development of vocational education. This selection includes six awards: "Most Promising Professional", "Future Craftsman Star", "World Skills Rookie", "Gold Medal Mentor", "Best Lead College" and "Best Cooperative Enterprise". The last one is to commend the companies which have made outstanding contributions to the development of Guangzhou vocational education by means of the school-enterprise cooperation project. BMW(China), Guangzhou Automobile Honda, and FAW Toyota have also won this award.

Jinrui Car-O-Liner Academy China.jpg

Stephen Fan, Manager, Car-O-Liner Academy China said, “The honor of winning the Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui Award cannot be separated from the trend of actively promoting vocational education by the country, the policy supported by the provincial and municipal education system, and the good cooperation by the Guangzhou Industry & Trade Technician College. As a senior company with decades of experience in body repair training, the academy deeply understands the ways of educating people in this field, and has always adhered to the educational concept of combining theory and practice, and attaches importance to the standardization and quality of vocational skills education. Winning this award makes us more clear about our own efforts and gives us affirmation of our own value proposition. The development of vocational education and the creation of new opportunities for the development of vocational education play an important role in promoting the leap of China's manufacturing industry, further promoting the spirit of artisans in China, and finally realizing the dream of great rejuvenation of China. In the future, Car-O-Liner Academy will continue to support the progress and development of vocational skills education in China, and actively cooperate with vocational colleges, educational institutions and educational systems, as well as all sectors of society, to enhance China's vocational education, and to help China cultivate more and more technicians who have outstanding body repair skills!”


4/17/2018 at 11:33 AM

Volvo Vista Competion 2018

From March 29 to 30, 2018, the Volvo International Service Training Award (VISTA) competition, hosted by Volvo (China) and organized by Car-O-Liner Academy, was successfully held in Car-O-Liner Academy’s training center in Shanghai.

VolvoVistaCN_04.jpgA total of 55 participants from 20 Volvo dealerships across the country participated in the competition. The event covered a variety of items, including vehicle body measurement and alignment, welding, bonding and riveting, SA service reception, vehicle inspection, spare parts storage inquiry etc. Over the course of two days, fierce competitions took place. All participants showed their capabilities and exhibited their high-level specialist skills to full extent.


 Car-O-Liner, as a long-term strategic partner of Volvo Group, has maintained sound partnership with Volvo in terms of technical exchanges and support, as well as project cooperation. Over the years, Car-O-Liner Academy has undertaken various events commissioned by Volvo, such as Volvo’s after-sales collision repair technique training and competitions.


For this event, the Academy provided venues, equipment, personnel and security guarantees; it played a pivotal role in fostering a fair and equitable atmosphere for the competition and VolvoVistaCN_08.jpgenabled the event to be conducted smoothly. In addition, it also provided strong technical support for the competition by virtue of its rich experience accumulated from its wide range of collision repair training, assessment and competitions that have been commissioned by premium brands over the past years. The manager of Volvo Group’s training department expressed his recognition of the on-site work of Car-O-Liner Academy. He highly praised the technical proficiency of the staff and extended an optimistic attitude toward a future, long-term cooperation.



The current collision repair industry is placing increasingly more focus on the repair quality and efficiency. It is undoubtedly an exciting phenomenon that Volvo Group can hold a sheet mental technique contest biennially. It has played an invaluable role in establishing recognized standards in the after-sales vehicle market concerning collision repair. The competition gives contestants the possibility to enhance their techniques and achieve self-improvement. At the same time, excellent participants that stand out in the competition can exert influence on coming generations of talents working in the collision repair industry, set up standards and provide an exemplary role for high-quality collision repair.



      在校方代表陪同下,我方一行参观了该院“精工求品质 极致而至善”办学成果展厅,卡尔拉得培训中心,世界技能大赛制冷与空调、CAD机械设计项目国家集训基地、信息网络布线项目集训基地、国家级技能大师工作室、精密制造(德玛吉)学习工作站、工业机器人学习工作站,以及多功能摄影棚等实训场地。校方汤伟群院长对学院人才培养模式、综合育人体系、校企合作、世赛标准转化、学生就业等情况做了相关介绍。



































据悉到2020年,智能汽车新车占比达到50%,大城市、高速公路的车用无线通信网络(LTE-V2X)覆盖率达到90%。到2025年,中国标准智能汽车的技术创新、产业生态、路 网设施、法规标准、产品监管和信息安全体系全面形成;新车基本实现智能化,高级别智能汽车实现规模化应用。到2035年,中国标准智能汽车享誉全球;率先建成智能汽车强国。














此次展出的产品中包括适用于乘用车多功能修复平台 Quick42、电子测量系统 Car-O-Tronic Vision X3、全自动点焊机CTR12000、铝介子机和铝车身维修工作站等,以及适用于商用车的CAM-ALIGNER、FRAME PRESS、EOL、AXLE SYSTEM、CV-liner全新照相机技术的车轮车桥定位系统以及i-track高精度、高效率车轮车桥定位系统等,参展产品均处于同行业领先地位,代表先进汽车修复系统科技水平。





卡尔拉得总经理Martin Altas先生和卡尔拉得乘用车事业部中华区经理李勇鹏先生与主要经销商进行亲切交谈



卡尔拉得总经理Martin Altas先生和卡尔拉得培训学院经理范国轩先生与外国买家在展会现场进行战略性谈判























Turkey is growing and the car industry is back on track and continues to grow. The Car-O-Liner distributor in Turkey, Met Teknik has made an excellent start in 2018, mostly with sales to the dealers of Car Importers & Manufacturers in the Turkish market.


The Turkish economy is growing and the car industry is no exception. The Car-O-Liner distributor in Turkey, Met Teknik has put in a strong start in 2018 as they recently signed new training contracts with two additional OEMs, effectively making them the Trainer of almost every player in the Turkish car industry.


With this latest expansion, Met Teknik is now the approved Trainer for a total of thirteen brands, further increasing the utilization rate of their Training Center in Istanbul, one that is already offering the highest auto body repair capacity of all Training Centers in Turkey.


In addition, Met Teknik won a contract to sell Car-O-Liner equipment to Mercedes dealers for the first time this year, meaning Car-O-Liner benches are now supplied to every OEM active in the Turkish market, further strengthening Car-O-Liner’s position amongst Premium brands’ dealers.


Entering 2018, Car-O-Liner again demonstrates its strength as a market leader in supplying auto body repair equipment to the Turkish market and expects the strong growth in Turkey to continue throughout 2018.


The Car-O-Liner team congratulates Met Teknik for their success and wishes them the best of luck in the future.



Gulsha Råjavan

Gulsha Råjaven

Area Sales Manager, 
Middle East and Africa




Mengerler Mercedes Ankara.png

Mengerler Mercedes Ankara


Kosifler Bostancı Istanbul BMW, Mini, Land Rover, Jaguar.jpg

Kosifler Bostancı Istanbul BMW, Mini, Land Rover, Jaguar


Kosifler BMW-Mini Samsun.jpg

 Kosifler BMW-Mini Samsun


Borusan Oto Samandira BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mini.jpg

Borusan Oto Samandira BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mini


Borusan İstinye BMW & Mini.jpg

Borusan İstinye BMW & Mini


Avek VW, Audi, Seat Istanbul.jpg

Avek VW, Audi, Seat Istanbu


Together with their new partner, Al Rajhi Takaful Insurance (ART), the largest motor vehicle insurance company in the Middle East, the AKA group team proudly opened their new Training Academy on February 24th, 2018.



Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Mr. Matthias Mueller (General Manager of AKA group operations) welcomed the guests and outlined a brief summary of the strategies of both companies, in terms of training. The training center has one section for training in body repair technique. this section is fully equipped with a Car-O-Liner BenchRack 6300 and the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 measuring system. for diagnosis and light repair there is the Speed alignment platform with and the PointX diagnositic measuring instrument. The center also includes a section for paint and preparation training, equipped with spray booths, preparation lifts and dry sanding systems. Two lecture rooms will be used for theoretical training classes.  


The official opening with ribbon cutting was done by Mr. Abdul Aziz Alsedais (CEO of ART) and Mr. Badr Al Amoudi (MD of AKA group). More than 60 guests ed the opening ceremony, including a large group of ART management and representatives. 


The opening day for the public and all customers will be on March 12th, 2018.



Gulsha RåjavanOn hand for the grand opening was Car-O-Liner Area Sales 

Manager, MEA Gulsha Råjavan.

See more photos from the event on our Facebook Page!

1/4/2018 at 10:57 AM

New Managing Director - China

Car-O-Liner announces a new Managing Director for Car-O-Liner China.

Martin AltåsMartin has most recently run our global Certification & Training businesses and has had an extensive proven career as an expatriate having lived and worked in:   The United States, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UAE and of course Sweden.  

Martin and his wife Margaret will be relocating to Beijing.

10/4/2017 at 8:42 AM

WorldSkills Set-up has begun

As sponsor of Skill13 Autobody Repair, Car-O-Liner has sent 24 alignment bench systems plus welding equipment to Abu Dhabi.

WS-Day2_01.jpgA lot of hard work lies ahead for our team from Car-O-Liner in Sweden and UAE as they set up the 24 autobody repair booths at WorldSkills 2017.

Leading the project is Bengt-Olof Olofsson, Engineer from Sweden and Adib Ketuly, Managing Director Car-O-Liner Middle East and Africa.

Follow us on Facebook to see how we progress with the set-up and then the competition which begins October 16th.







9/19/2017 at 11:59 AM

Car-O-Liner UK Wins Nomination

Car-O-Liner has made the final shortlist in the ‘Bodyshop Tools & Equipment Supplier of the Year” category in the prestigious Irish Auto Trade Awards 2018.

autotradeawards-banner2018-1040x400.jpgThe national winner will be announced on Friday October 6th and the award will be presented at the Irish Auto Trade Awards lunch on Thursday, October 26th in the 5 star Carton House Hotel, Co. Kildare.

The Bodyshop Tools & Equipment Supplier of the Year award is a national award voted for by readers. Up until the voting deadline (Friday, September 29th.), trade customers have the opportunity to vote for Car-O-Liner online at (Please note one vote per IP address is all that will register.)

The winner will receive a specially designed award trophy and a €1000 advertising voucher for advertising in Ireland’s top auto trade publication, the Auto Trade Journal. 

The Irish Auto Trade Awards have been a phenomenal success for the past three years recognising the very best in the wider Irish automotive aftermarket. And as in previous years, again this year there is huge interest in the awards.

WorldSkills 2017 Abu Dhabi has published the list of competitors for this year's competition.

Car-O-Liner is very excited to meet these talented young men - and woman at the competition in October. We know they are all training hard right now and we wish them all the best of luck.

Read more about all competitors at


Competitors WorldSkills 2017

Autobody Repair Competitors 2017

9/8/2017 at 8:00 AM

New Distributor Training

Car-O-Liner welcomed new distributors as they participated in our Distributor Training program.









dist-train-group.JPGNew Distributors from Romania, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Spain and France were warmly welcomed to our Car-O-Liner Academy in Babenhausen, Germany.

Car-O-Liner takes pride in ensuring that all our representatives are fully competent in the use of our equipment and systems. Richard Büttner, our trainer in Germany, along with sales representative Charlie Häggstam, were on hand to show the finer details.











Even Aasen, winner of WorldSkills Norway is getting ready for WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Even Aasen, Norwegian WorldSkills Gold MedalistEven visited Car-O-Liner Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden to improve his skills in using the CTR7 welder and the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 measuring system. Victor Ståhlkrantz, Car-O-Liner trainer and previous Skills Sweden winner gave him a helping hand.

Even is looking forward to competing in WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi in October. See for more info.


Victor Ståhlkrantz and Even Aasen

The Swedish Master in Collision Repair, Elias Karlsson, spent a day training on Car-O-Liner equipment to help tone his skills before the WorldSkills competition in October.

Elias Karlsson and Victor Ståhlkrantz

Elias Karlsson has been named the best collision repair specialist in Sweden and the winner of the Swedish Vocational Championship in autobody repair. This past weekend Elias spent the day with Car-O-Liner Representative Victor Ståhlkrantz. Victor was the Swedish champion in 2014 and went on to take 4th place at WorldSkills 2015 in Brazil.

 Elias Karlsson training on Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3

The two met at the Bojo Training Center in Mjölby, Sweden where they spent time training on the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 measuring system and the use of the EVI anchoring and fixturing system. Also on hand during the day was Mattias Roth who will be one of the Experts at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi.


Read more about WorldSkills 2017, October 14-19, Abu Dhabi >>

The Swedish Team, representing 27 vocations. is now in place.

The Swedish team, as well as all ca 1300 other competitors worldwide, are in hard training for the world's largest vocational competition. WorldSkills 2017, to be held in Abu Dhabi in October, is comprised of competitions in over 51 vocations. For the fourth year in a row Car-O-Liner will sponsor Skill #13 Autobody Repair. 

Competing for Sweden is Elias Karlsson from Åskloster, Sweden. During the coming months he will be training on Car-O-Liner equipment under the instruction of Victor Ståhlkrantz who came in fourth at WorldSkills 2016 in Brazil.

Read more about Car-O-Liner and WorldSkills here>

Once again Car-O-Liner shows their leadership in innovation by taking home the Innovation Award at NACE Automechanika.

Car-O-Liner's Brilliant Solutions LED Work Bay Curtain Walls were awarded the "Most Innovative" product. 

Brilliant Solutions LED Workshop CurtainsLED Light Curtains from Car-O-Liner dramatically enhance side lighting in many types of automotive applications. These LED Curtains offer unique, brightly lit work bay enclosures that can be installed in many areas of the shop. 

Read more here> 

Car-O-Liner is gearing up for WorldSkills 2017 which will be held from October 14-18 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

WorldSkills 2017 logoWorldSkills is an ideal opportunity for youths to find their perfect vocation and Car-O-Liner takes pride in the fact that we are helping young, talented technicians get a start in their professions. As the official sponsor of the Auto Body Repair competition we are providing 23 complete workbays with equipment from alignment benches to measuring equipment and welders.

Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi workers are feverishly getting the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), one of the largest event centers in the Middle East, ready for this fantastic event. ADNEC has a capacity of nearly 130,000 m2 and a deep water mooring facility. WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 will be the largest and most complex event ever staged at ADNEC.

Officially opened in 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, ADNEC is distinguished by Capital Gate, a notable addition to the city’s skyline with the world’s furthest leaning tower, more than four times that of the leaning tower of Pisa.



UAE dedicated to excellence

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition CentreThe Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) was established in 2010 by the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

ACTVET is committed to establishing policies and standards that effectively regulate technical and vocational educational institutions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. ACTVET is also responsible for the licensing of trainers and tutors that meet the demands of the local market.

ACTVET is the parent organisation of EmiratesSkills and the host of WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017. The event will be a landmark for the United Arab Emirates and will boost awareness of training and educational opportunities for young UAE nationals in the vocational sector.

ACTVET’s ultimate goal is increasing the number of skilled Emirati youths in rewarding career paths and foster lifelong learning and personal development.

The future of the automotive aftermarket was on display at Autopromotec 2017 and Car-O-Liner was on hand to demonstrate our collision repair equipment.


“This was the best show ever,” exclaims Johan Wallenthin, Director EMEA Car-O-Liner. “We received many fantastic orders and have drawn a lot of new interest in the Italian market,” he adds.




Marc LahacheThis was the last show, and working day, for long-time Car-O-Liner representative Marc Lahache.   Marc is now retiring and Car-O-Liner thanks him for his many years of service to the company.



For more information regarding Car-O-Liner products please contact your nearest sales representative. Here are their addresses>>.

4/18/2017 at 11:30 AM

Euroskills 2016 Final Report

The Euroskills final report is now complete. EuroSkills 2016 aimed to set an example and a precedent for sustainable skills competitions in a global perspective.

Car-O-Liner supports not only Euroskills but also the Skills Sweden and WorldSkills competitions. For the fourth consecutive competition Car-O-Liner will be the Strategic Sponsor of Skill 13 Autobody Repair at WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Read more about Car-O-Liner and WorldSkills >>

Read the final report from Euroskills >>

Car-O-Liner congratulates Per Madsen, Vice President Distributor Development & Inter-company Sales (Asia), upon receiving the prestigious National Collision Repairer magazine ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

Per MadsenCarl Tinsley presented the award. “Nothing happens until somebody cares. I guarantee it, he cares.” He added “…epitomizes what this lifetime achievement is about. It’s about giving more than you’re being paid to give, it’s about giving more to help an industry to get better to the way we used to be.” 

Per Madsen Lifetime Achievement Award.png


Upon receiving the award Per Madsen said, “I didn’t see that coming at all. It’s a great honor for me to stand here today. Thank you all for your support and all the help and all the time all you guys and ladies are offering to listen to us and what we as an industry can offer in terms of information and knowledge.” 

Julie Thomas, owner of Car-O-Liner Australia, won this prestigious award in 2014.


See the presentation on YouTube>>



The National Collision Repairer magazine ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ is presented to nominees annually and they must have at least 10 years participation in the collision industry. The recipients are inducted and honored for their outstanding service within the Collision Repair Industry at an annual awards ceremony.

The nominees shall have made contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their local area and said contributions shall have been made above and beyond their employment.

Igor Ivanov will be representing Russia in Abu Dhabi in October. He visited Car-O-Liner the first week of April.

Igov Ivanov Russian WorldSkills competitorIgor Ivanov along with a representative from Inmart, Car-O-Liner's distributor in Russia, and three experts from WorldSkills Russia, spent a week at Car-O-Liner Academy in Gothenburg honing his skills. Igor participated in one-on-one training with Master Trainer, Tommy Eriksen. They covered electronic measuring with Car-O-Tronic Vision2, frame straightening with Quick 42 and welding with CTR12000, among other things.

Sergey Medvedev, from Inmart, was very interested in the proceedings and asked many questions to prepare himself for WorldSkills 2019 which will be held in Moscow.


Learn more about Car-O-Liner and WorldSkills >>

WorldSkills Russia Group

Left to Right: Sergey Medvedev, Inmart our distributor in Russia; Vladimir Slobodchikov, expert at WS Russia; Denis Verkhoturtsev, expert & trainer WS Russia; Mikhaol Bernadskiy, Expert, WS Russia, Igor Ivanov, Competitio WS Russia for WS2017 & Tommy Eriksen, Master Trainer at Car-O-Liner Academy.

Car-O-Liner is proud to announce its sponsorship of WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is the ffith WorldSkills competition for which Car-O-Liner has been the sponsor for the Autobody Repair skill.

WorldSkills 2017 logo

"Car-O-Liner continues to sponsor this event because we feel it is extremely important to emphasize vocational education for the younger generation. These young auto body repair technicians are extremely talented and have a passion for their chosen field, which is something we want to support and encourage," says Karen Eliason, Marketing Communications Manager at the Car-O-Liner headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

This is the fifth time Car-O-Liner has sponsored this skill competition at WorldSkills. Other venues included 2009-Calgary, Canada; 2011-London, United Kingdom; 2013-Leipzig, Germany and 2015-São Paulo, Brazil. “Each year becomes more exciting as the skill levels of the technicians continue to increase,” says Jonas Gunnarsson, VP Engineering and Product Management at Car-O-Liner. “We see a growth in the need for qualified technicians and are proud to sponsor an event which places their efforts in focus,” he adds.

Facts WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 
This is the first time the competition is to be held in a Middle Eastern country. Young talent, over 1300 strong, from more than 76 countries/regions will display their outstanding ability across the 51 skills categories from autobody repair and floral arranging to robotics and landscape gardening, as they compete for the coveted title of “WorldSkills Champion”.

The competition is being organized by the Emirates Skills organisation. EmiratesSkills is a program under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training-ACTVET. EmiratesSkills' activities are focused on raising the awareness of career-based technical and vocational education among young Emiratis by organizing competitions, events, training programs and technical career activities.

Follow Car-O-Liner and our involvement in WorldSkills 2017 on our website, and on our Facebook Page,

3/3/2017 at 10:24 AM

Meeting Repair Standards

John Leddy of LDC Equipment is a Car-O-Liner Distributor based out of the Seattle area. He speaks about the value of Car-O-Liner equipment, quality of product and service.

John Leddy LDC Equip Testimonial.jpg


See this testimonial at



1/30/2017 at 9:11 AM

New Academy in Modena, Italy!

Car-O-Liner Academy opens in Modena, Italy.

IMG_1990.JPGThe newest Academy, which opened January 12th, is located in Modena, Italy. 

Car-O-Liner Academy specializes in tailor-made courses for customers and OEM:s, as well as training for repair technicians, insurance personnel, technical instructors, schools and personnel within the Car-O-Liner organization. Academy offers Method courses which are independent av equipment and tool brands, and product courses which focus on Car-O-Liner and its partners equipment and tool brands.

The goal of our training centers is to increase knowledge in collision repair technique, which results in:
High-quality repairs
Increase profits
Improved motiviation among employees

"This new academy gives us is a fantastic opportunity to offer training in Southern Europe," says Mario Fenzi, Key Account Manager for Car-O-Liner in Italy. "We have seen a great need for qualified training and are happy to be able to meet this need," he adds. senza titolo-155.jpg

Attending the grand opening were: Johan Wallenthin, Manager, Region Europe; Mario Fenzi, Key Account Manager Italy; Enrico Coughi, Trainer/Technician; Daniele Bontempi, Trainer/Technician; from the Swedish Embassy, Marcus Persson & Emelie Olsson and from Snap-on Europe, Claudeo Baldaccini and Andrea Mussi. Many of the Italian OEM:s also attended.

Car-O-Liner s.r.l, Filiale Italia, Via Vignolese, 1132/A, 41126 Modena I   Tel: +39 059 468 310

Car-O-Liner and Josam drew visitors from the entire motor vehicle industry service market when they exhibited at the Auto Trade Show

The show, held Jan 18-21 at the Swedish Trade Show Center in Gothenburg drew over 16,600 visitors. Car-O-Liner / Josam stood out from the 268 exhibitors with one of the largest stands. 

automassan_2017.pngThe show, northern Europe’s largest, features a broad spectrum of products and services for workshops, paint and collision companies, tire and wheel specialists, and auto parts stores.   

Car-O-Liner featured alignment benches Quick42, BenchRack and Speed and the measuring systems Car-O-Tronic and PointX as well as their spot welders CTR7 & CTR12000 and MIG/MAG welders CMI3000 & CMI273.Car-O-Liner Smart Repair products and training were also presented. 

Josam featured their wheel alignment system, JOSAM cam-aligner. 

“This was a fantastic show for us,” says Trygve Ramstad, Sales Manager for Car-O-Liner in Sweden. “We met lots of old, and new, customers. Our new Ecdesign program with virtual reality demonstration attracted a lot of attention. With Ecdesign owner/managers can see, in 3D, illustrations of how their workshop could be organized for maximum efficiency.” 

To see photos from the show please see the Car-O-Liner Facebook page.>>

Josam distributor Pesci Attrezzature/All-Linea releases a new video showing the importance of wheel alignment.

Pesci-wheel alignment video.jpg

YouTube-best.jpgSee the video on YouTube



A blog article on creating the best workshop environment in order to attract, and keep, the best workshop technicians.

David ScribnerBy David Scribner, Technical Director, Car-O-Liner Company

A shop's ability to attract and retain skilled technicians involves providing them with ergonomic shop efficiencies in a safe work environment, as well as highly refined processes to meet production demands and maximize labor hours. 

The end result accelerates repair times, builds a strong team, makes everyone more profitable and ensures your business's longevity and value.

Read the entire article>

At the beginning of November Josam's UK affiliate exhibited at the Eurobus show at NEC Birmingham.

Josam at Eurobus

The 3×5 meter stand was featured Josam's three induction heaters JH400, JH1000 and JH1500. The two wheel alignment systems JOSAM laser AM and JOSAM cam-aligner were also presented.

The staff present were Russ Coad of JOSAM from the UK and Sean Finnegan, our representative in Ireland. Morgan Tisbo from the head office in Sweden also participated.

Car-O-Liner Thailand welcomes new distributor K Consulting and Supply Co., Ltd (K-CNS). K-CNS provides a total solution for bodyshop set-up as well as bodyshop management systems.

New Distributor Thailand - K-CNS.jpgLocated in "Khon Kaen" Province in the north east part of Thailand, they have experience and expertise in bodyshop layout design and productivity improvement. One of their most successful solutions on offer is the development of the "LPL Concept" (Lean Production Line) bodyshop layouts. This is done by setting up continuous layout and work optimization as is used in factory production lines. 
They state that their solution can improve a workshop’s productivity by 180% for light to medium repair work.

Representatives from K-CSN were in Sweden on July 20th-21st and visited the Car-O-Liner offices. They were impressed with our training facility and expressed interest in this operation as they are setting their sights on opening the first Body and Paint Training Center in Thailand that can provide a total process for repair and workshop management skill. They plan to setup a full bodyshop in the training center area, creating not only opportunities to gain knowledge but also to get hands
on practice and after study support. Construction is planned to begin at the end of 2016 with a completions date toward the end of 2017.

We wish them good luck!

Snap-on Incorporated has signed an agreement to acquire Car-O-Liner – the global market leader for collision repair and wheel alignment solutions — from Polaris Private Equity.

Gothenburg, Sweden — October 18, 2016 — Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and
marketer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing
critical tasks, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Car-O-Liner. Snap-on is a
$3.4 billion, S&P 500 company headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, offering products and services that are available
around the world.

Nick Pinchuk, Snap-on Chairman and CEO explains:
— Car-O-Liner’s product offering and special expertise are important additions to our Repair Systems & Information
Group, bringing greater capabilities in collision repair and strengthening Snap-on’s position in the heavy duty segment.
Given trends in the collision space, including the need for greater precision, the requirement to accommodate new
materials and the higher emphasis on shop efficiency, we believe this acquisition will further Snap-on’s progress along
its strategic and coherent growth runway of expanding with repair shop owners and managers. We look forward to
welcoming Car-O-Liner associates to the Snap-on family.

Car-O-Liner was acquired by Polaris Private Equity 2012. The company has increased its dominance in offering collision
repair and wheel alignment/frame straightening solutions to the passenger and commercial vehicle aftermarket.

Mikael Jonson, CEO of Car-O-Liner expands:
— Car-O-Liner, under ownership of Polaris, is pleased to have reached many of its strategic and development goals.
Our global expansion and strategic shift from being not only a provider of hardware to the collision repair industry but
also a provider of information and knowledge has exceeded our expectations. Now, under leadership of Snap-on
Incorporated, we look forward to continued expansion and increased dedication to developing innovative collision
repair solutions that lead to safer repairs.

For more information please contact: Richard Secor (Snap-on) +1 262 656 5561; Mikael Jonson (Car-O-Liner)
+46 31 721 1050 or Jan Dahlqvist (Polaris Private Equity) +46 708 17 60 60

Jefferies was the sole financial advisor to Polaris and Car-O-Liner in the transaction.

Car-O-Liner will showcase new products, lead live demonstrations and offer giveaways at their booth, #11339 in the North Hall Collision Repair section, during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 1-4, 2016.

Stop by to see Car-O-Liner's Brilliant Solutions TMAdvanced Materials Bay and learn how an effective environment positions your business to reward and retain your top technicians, increasing their efficiency for faster repairs, greater profits, and more satisfied employees.   

At our 3D virtual shop experience, test your welding skills using our virtual welder and then weld live with our MIG and resistance spot welders.  Check your welding knowledge at the “What Is Your Weld Telling You” display as you identify finished weld samples for their errors.  See a shop come to life using virtual reality to walk through a collision center in 3D. Design a shop layout to enhance workflow and learn how you can identify improvements in your shop.

COL_SEMA2016_Exhibit.jpgLive demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the show to include aluminum MIG welding, aluminum and steel dent repair, resistance spot welding, as well as riveting with the new XT2 riveting gun.  We will be giving away multiple ArcOne® Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets daily.  One Grand Prize winner will win an ArcOne® Safe Weld Helmet with PAPR Respirator System, a $1,750 value!  

On display we will showcase our frame benches with Vision2 measuring and EVO anchoring offering you the chance to interact with each of them as you learn the features and benefits they offer.  Did you know Car-O-Liner has received comprehensive global OEM approvals that contribute toward OEM safe repair strategies?  Find out more through our touchscreen display.    

To learn more about Car-O-Liner, stop by the Car-O-Liner booth #11339 at the SEMA Show, contact your local Car-O-Liner distributor, call +1 844-833-9419 or visit us on our social channels:

Instagram: @car_o_liner
Twitter: @COLSEMA2016

Car-O-Liner Australia sponsored the Autobody Repair competition when more than 500 young people descended on the Melbourne Showgrounds from 6th to 9th October 2016 to compete in The 2016 National WorldSkills Australia competition.

PANEL TEAM.jpgThey competed in all trades including building, bricklaying, cooking, hairdressing etc. The trades of most interest to us of course were panel beating and spray painting with eight contestants in each category.

After three days of intense competition involving 22 hours in panel beating the winner was announced at a medal ceremony on Sunday 9th October. The winners of each trade competition will compete against the rest of the world, representing Australia in 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

The medallists were as follows:

Autobody Repair: Gold-Jade McSorley, Silver-Damien Kleyn, Bronze-Matthew Brandt    WORLDSKILLS WINNER PANEL JADE 3.jpg                                                                              

This year in the spray painting there were actually four young women competing against four young men-a first for the competition.  The medalists are:   Refinish/Vehicle Painting: Gold-Dusti-Lee Franchi, Silver-Jac Urlic, Bronze-Crystal McLaren

With Dusti - Lee Franchi winning spray painting she became the first woman in the history of the competition in Australia to do so.

Besides Car-O-Liner Australia, other sponsors for the event included Axalta Coatings and 3M Australia.

We wish all of the contestants every success in the future and we hope that both Jade McSorley and Dusti-Lee Franchi do well in next year’s event overseas.

Car-O-Liner distributor Servind in Prague, The Czech Republic, opened a brand new Car-O-Liner Training Center.


The grand opening on Thursday, October 6th, was attended by more than 60 guests, with representatives from OEMs,insurance companies and MSOs attending the event. “The feedback was great,” says Stephan Paschke, Sales Director, Car-O-Liner. “This new facility gives a super increase in training capacity in The Czech Republic.”  servind_2.jpg


The training center includes Car-O-Liner products such as the Speed and Quick 42 alignment bench systems, Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring system, PointX diagnostic measuring instruments and the VAS 6528 system including the EVO Anchoring, Holding and Fixturing system.


See more images from the grand opening on the Servind Facebook page >

Car-O-Liner opened a brand new facility in Bangkok on September 28th.

IMG_3691.jpgThe new office, training center and distribution center i Bangkok were officially inaugurated on Sept. 28th & 29th. The new facility brings Car-O-Liner closer to the OEMs in Asia Pacific as well makes it easier for customers to participate in training in the new Car-O-Liner Academy.

On hand for the inauguration were (from left) Michael Royson, Manager BU Workshop Deveklopment, Per Madsen, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, Mikael Jonson, CEO, Jonas Gunnarsson, VP & Manager BU Automotive and Salomeh Tafazoli, Manager BU Commercial.

The new training center is large enough to include training on Josam wheel alignment and frame straightening systems as well as on all Car-O-Liner collision repair systems.

P9287769.jpg - We are looking forward to realizing the increased potential available from our new location in Bangkok. Our large training center will help us to meet the training needs of our OEMs and end customers. - Per Madsen, Managing Director Asia-Pacific

9/29/2016 at 12:35 PM

Automechanika - Hottest ever!

The Car-O-Liner stand in Hall 11 was smoking hot – not only in terms of visitors but also in air temperature. With a warm front moving through Europe most visitors were pleased to stay inside, beat the heat, and visit the over 4,700 exhibitions from 74 different countries.

Automechanika 2016Visitors from more than 40 countries came into the updated Car-O-Liner stand. Quality, Productivity, Efficiency and Safety were this year’s guiding words and could be seen on the large overhead banner surrounding our stand. Each of our exhibits, our measuring systems Car-O-Tronic and PointX with Vision2 software, our alignment benches, Quick 42, BenchRack and Speed, the VAS system featuring EVO 1-2-3, our spot- and mig/mag welders and our Smart Repair and Aluminum Repair Solutions supported these guidewords- the driving force of Car-O-Liner.

One of the biggest attractions was Ecdesign 4.5 featuring 3D animation and Ocular Rift technology. Richard Grönberg from Ecdesign was kept busy demonstrating this phenomenal software for workshop space planning.

Live presentations of PointX, CTR7 & Smart Repair were filmed and shown on large screens in each corner of the stand, attracting loads of attention. Visitors got a firsthand look at our innovative products and had the chance to discuss them with our product managers, trainers and salesmen. To further demonstrate our products video presentations rolled on screens in each section of the stand.

In Hall 8 the team from Josam was kept busy demonstrating its extensive line of induction heaters as well as its wheel alignment systems. "This has been a fantastic show for us, " says Morgan Tisbo, Marketing Manager for Josam. "We have had lots of visitors and have generated many new leads to follow up after the show."

Automechanika 2016 WeldingThe Automechanika trade show is the largest show of the year for the Car-O-Liner group. It takes almost a half a year to plan and the efforts and engery of more than 20 persons to make sure the stands and their contents are in place in time.

Salomeh Tafazoli, Manager BU Commercial says, "I would like to thank Morgan Tisbo and the team at Josam for their hard work these past months and during the show. Their efforts are greatly appreciated"

Jonas Gunnarsson, VP and BU Manager Automotive adds, "I would like to thank Marc Lahache and his team from Sweden, Stephan Paschke and his team from Germany and all others involved for their hard work in organizing, setting-up and tearing-down the event and helping to make it a success.

Both agree that it 'truly takes a One Company, One Team effort to put together this show and the passion shown for our company and our products is what gives us the leading edge in our markets'.

Car-O-Liner is proud to announce that Automobili Lamborghini has approved the Car-O-Liner frame straightening and measuring equipment.

Lamborghini-Logo-sm.jpgThe approval included the Car-O-Liner Quick 42 frame alignment system, the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 electronic measuring system, and the world-class EVO anchoring, holding and fixturing system. Only Lamborghini approved workshops will be given access to Lamborghini data found in the Car-O-Liner Car-O-Data vehicle measurement database.

 “We are very happy and proud to welcome Lamborghini as a partner along with the other members of the Volkswagen Group: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, and Porsche”, said Stephen Paschke, Sales Director for Car-O-Liner GmbH. “This global partnership is further proof that Car-O-Liner equipment meets the high standards for product performance, service, support and distribution required by one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world.”

Salomeh Tafazoli, Manager BU Commercial for Car-O-Liner, has been named as Gothenburg’s Talent of the Year 2016.

salomeh_talent.jpgThe motivatiion: She is extremely driven and goal-oriented but also down to earth and shows great appreciation for her co-workers. After completing her studies in the US she began her career in investment banking before moving to Volvo where she held several strategic positions. She is now the new manager of the commercial (heavy trucks) division at Car-O-Liner Group.  Salomeh is known for her strategic leadership and as such is considered to be an important leader in Gothenburg’s, and Sweden’s, business community. In 2010 she won The Woman Leader of the Future.

Car-O-Liner in Fixed Ops Magazine Article Series - Dealership Collision Repair Centers

Fixed-Ops logo.pngCar-O-Liner has been fortunate to have feature articles placed in Fixed Ops magazine (USA) focusing on the benefits a collision center can bring to a dealership.  Below are links to each of these online publications which contain the feature stories.


Fixed Ops – March/April – Article Begins On Page 124


Fixed Ops – May/June – Article Begins On Page 34

Car-O-Liner's newest Distributor in the United States, B&R Associates, will provide sales, service and training to customers in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and portions of Maryland.

Car-O-Liner_New_Distributor_B&RAssociates.JPGHeadquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, B&R Associates was founded on a dedication to exceed customer expectations by providing quality equipment solutions and exceptional customer service.  Established in 1971, B&R committed to provide best-in-class equipment to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area automotive market.  Now, 45 years later, and with more than 40 employees, this commitment to top-of-the-line product and superior customer satisfaction has only grown stronger. 

“We are extremely excited to be distributing Car-O-Liner equipment.  We believe the Car-O-Liner brand fits in perfectly with our existing product portfolio and continues our commitment to representing the best-in-class equipment to our customers”, said Tom Parsons, President of B&R Associates.  “Distributing Car-O-Liner will be supported by our collision center sales team, installation teams, and factory certified technicians all having a true passion and dedication to excellence in customer service.” 

Doug Bortz, Director of Sales & Marketing for Car-O-Liner added, “We are very excited to partner with B&R Associates to distribute the Car-O-Liner brand in the Maryland and Northern Virginia markets.  We are confident they will provide the sales, training and customer service our customers expect from our brand.

The many synergies between the two R & D departments (Gothenburg and Örebro) were the motivation for the merge into one united Car-O-Liner R & D department.

The newSören Mellgren department will continue to drive Car-O-Liner Group’s innovative solutions for the repair and straightening of damaged cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and heavy commercial vehicles.  Sören Mellgren takes over the role as Manager R & D. “By joining together we will be better able to synchronize our activities between our product areas and share our knowledge and experience in order to more effectively drive our product development forward”, says Sören Mellgren.


4/15/2016 at 12:57 PM

New Market Opens In Kenya

A new market opens up in Kenya for the Car-O-Liner brand Josam. Morgan Tisbo, Marketing Manager for Josam, a brand of the Car-O-Liner Group, closed a large sale in Kenya. It is the second time that Josam has had big business in Kenya, a country that is quickly becoming an important market for Josam.


Josam expands in Kenya"We see a boom in Kenya and in other countries in East Africa, such as Ethiopia and Tanzania", says Morgan Tisbo.


A trucking company in Nairobi has ordered a complete frame alignment system for heavy trucks for a value of €163.5. According to Morgan Tisbo Kenya's growth is due to the Chinese investments in the country which are improving the country's infrastructure. "A lot has been happening there. Today Kenya has both highways and fast trains. Which draws in heavy trucks and the aftermarket equipment that we can provide."


This is the second large deal for Josam in Kenya. In august Morgan Tisbo sold a JOSAM cam-aligner to a tire service company. And this is just the beginning according to Morgan. "We are in the middle of putting together some other business there and we have many inquiries. It is like rings on water," he adds. 

Car-O-Liner wows visitors at the Auto Body & Motor Claims Trade Show in Manchester,UK March 15 & 16.


Manchester Expo, Auto Body & Motor Claims Trade Show"It was a great show for us," said Charlie Busby, President of Car-O-Liner LTD. "We were able to display our service vans at the entrance so every visitor had to pass them on their way in." This led to many curious new visitors at the Car-O-Liner booth.

We also ran the skill area for the organisers and offered free training on our products. We had a good take-up from both repairers and Insurance loss adjusters.

The show was a great success with 3 Speed alignment benches and 1 CTR12000 resistance spot welder sold. The show also generated many enquiries to follow up.

The Auto Body & Motor Claims Trade Show is the largest and most comprehensive car repair and claims event staged in Britain. 

It caters for anyone involved in the auto body and motor insurance claims sectors and has been designed specifically to give you a truly inspiring, practical and thought provoking event.

Taking place at EventCity, Manchester, you will find a diverse array of exhibitors from all aspects of the body repair and motor claims arena. From suppliers, to distributors, insurers and vehicle manufacturers, accident management and credit hire companies to telematics and legal – we have it all!

Collision Hub launches Collision Hub Network News, a 30 minute news and shop tip show. The show features anchor Mindy Van Kuren. Audiences can also tune in and watch it on Collision Hub’s website or on YouTube.

Collision Hub Network News #1 2016Read complete article at Repair> 

Or watch the show on YouTube>:

1/19/2016 at 11:01 AM

New Website for TruckCam

The Car-O-Liner Group brand, TruckCam, now has a brand new website.
truckcam web online.jpgTruckCam, A Car-O-LIner Group brand, is proud to announce the launch of its new website. Please visit and have a look. Of course it is built in fully responsive design to work properly on all devices and platforms.
This website will be continuously updated with more information and material.
Car-O-Liner continues to expand its Commercial Business Unit into the heavy-duty industrial market sector and OEM HD truck assembly plants of North America and is pleased to announce new additions to the TruckCam sales, service, and support team in Wixom, Michigan.


Carl Boyer

Carl Boyer - National Sales Manager, TruckCam

Carl will grow the industrial market including truck assembly plants, strategic national accounts and military/GSA business for TruckCam. He has spent his entire career in the automobile and commercial equipment industry acquiring broad industry expertise working for Fortune 500 companies such as Bosch, Delphi and SPX corporations. Earlier in his career, Carl also managed service facilities for Porsche, Audi and VW. Most recently, he has worked for Stertil-Koni in heavy-duty vehicle lifting systems to grow their strategic national accounts and military/GSA business.arl Boyer - National Sales Manager,  TruckCam.


Frank NowaczykFrank Nowaczyk National Service Manager, TruckCam

Frank will provide all aspects of service and support management for TruckCam. With over 20 years in the automotive and heavy truck industries, Frank has worked for Hunter Engineering, Bosch and Navistar. During his career, he has held several positions including trainer, service, sales, product manager and quality control. Frank is ASE certified in steering & suspension and brakes for both the automotive and heavy-duty truck categories.


Joe BlantonJoe Blanton – Support Specialist, TruckCam

Joe will continue part time support of Car-O-Liner automotive OEM projects and will support TruckCam technical projects. He has over 20 years of automotive industry experience having been employed by Car-O-Liner for over 5 years in the COL Academy and Data Department. Joe managed the collision technology repair center for General Motors for 15 years. Joe has written numerous articles and conducted technical presentations at many industry events over the years.


The TruckCam brand features innovative and efficient products for wheel alignment based on patented camera technology. As one of the leading brands for alignment equipment, TruckCam’s industrial solutions are exported to more than 30 countries and the brand is well represented worldwide at through regional offices and dealers. TruckCam is a growing brand with continuous development of new products and measurement methods for vehicle manufacturers. At the industrial solutions headquarters in Katrineholm, Sweden, a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are working with the most modern tools including 3D CAD for designing mechanical parts, electronics and software.
This project represents a partnership between General Motors and Car-O-Liner to develop a comprehensive 3-D data sheet as well as a custom adaptor kit for the proper anchoring on Car-O-Liner’s BenchRack frame alignment system.


Car-O-Liner approval for Cadillac CT6 The collaboration began with the sharing of 3-D engineered drawings and images. This information was then analyzed to develop proper anchoring points and adaptors.
Car-O-Liner has also processed a complete set of data sheets with measurement points and photos.

In addition to the CT6 mounting adaptors, Car-O-Liner offers a complete solutions package for aluminum repair. The equipment includes 3-D measuring, BenchRack frame alignment, MIG welders, an aluminum repair station and an isolation bay package. Car-O-Liner also provides collision shop design services. Utilizing 3-D modeling using the actual shop footprint, Car-O-Liner can demonstrate an optimized shop flow providing greater efficiencies with improved workflow and cycle times.

Car-O-Liner is proud to be an approved supplier to General Motors for the Cadillac CT6,” said Mark Weinmann, OEM accounts manager for Car-O-Liner. “We have worked closely with General Motors Service Engineering, securing a CT6 body-in-white to validate the measuring data and recently displaying that same body-in-white with measuring and anchoring on our BenchRack at the SEMA Show

All Swedish companies within the Car-O-Liner Group have received an update to our ISO Certification. This certification is valid until December 14, 2018. Our companies have been ISO certified since 2009.

Car-O-Liner-Group-ISO-certificate-2015-2018-1.jpgWhy ISO certification?
International Standards bring technological, economic and societal benefits. They help to harmonize technical specifications of products and services making industry more efficient and breaking down barriers to international trade. Conformity to International Standards helps reassure consumers that products are safe, efficient and good for the environment.

Our companies have received certification in two different standards, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

ISO 9001:2008 provides a tried and tested framework of standardized requirements for taking a systematic approach to managing our organization’s processes so that we consistently turn out product that satisfies our customers’ expectations and leads to the continued growth of our business.

ISO 14001:2004 specifies the requirements for achieving an approved environmental management system. Fulfilling these requirements demands objective evidence which can be audited to demonstrate that the environmental management system is operating effectively in conformity to the standard.

Our customers are placing increased focus on the quality of both the managerial aspects and the environmental impact of the companies from which they purchase. Because of this our ISO Certification is a great selling and marketing tool. It shows that we are a progressive, caring company with great regard for good business practices and the quality of our environmental footprint.

You will find a copy of our approval certificate on the Car-O-Liner website under About/Sustainable Solutions.

Ecdesign announces the coming 4.5 update which includes a brand new 3D engine powered by the latest gaming technology. The new engine has allowed the developers at Ecdesign to improve the quality of 3D immensely.

Ecdesign Oculus Rift.jpgYour layouts will look much more realistic than in the current version of Ecdesign. Your real-time 3D experience in Ecdesign will also be much smoother as the new engine is far faster. Early tests show at least 4 times faster fps (frames per second) than in Ecdesign 4.15.

Oculus Rift support

Ecdesign 4.5 will support the new VR technology from Oculus Rift. This means you will be able to experience your 3D layouts in a truly new way. The user will be able to literally step into the finished layout. The consumer version of Oculus Rift is scheduled for Q1 2016. More information on
Oculus Rift.

Walkthrough video

In 4.5 you will be able to quickly record and share a 3D walk through video of the layout. The new walk through video feature will boost all the new effects and improvements from the new 3D engine in 4.5.

Ecdesign 360° online viewer

With the new Ecdesign 4.5 we also wanted to make it easier to share the finished floor plan online with anyone and therefor we will include a 360° online viewer. Ecdesign will automatically create the online presentation which can be viewed on any device (viewed in a web browser).

Sign up for the Ecdesign beta program

We will soon release a closed beta version of the new Ecdesign 4.5. Contact us if you are interested in being part of the Ecdesign beta program. The full launch of Ecdesign 4.5 is expected in Q1- 2016. The new update will of course be free for everyone with an active Ecdesign license. More information on Ecdesign 4.5 will be announced closer to the official launch date.


2016 will truly be an amazing year for all Ecdesign users!

Car-O-Liner Company announces that Cronquist Equipment is a Distributor of Car-O-Liner equipment with a territory representing the state of Alaska.

Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, Cronquist Equipment’s owner, Tim Cronquist, began his career at
a young age working in a family-run collision shop and then gaining 16 years sales experience in the PBE jobber business. In 2004, Tim started Cronquist Equipment, LLC, with a focus on sales, service and training of collision repair equipment.

“Working for an innovative company like Car-O-Liner is a great opportunity for me”, said Tim Cronquist, Owner of Cronquist Equipment. “I am proud to distribute this product line to my customers.”

Doug Bortz, Director of Sales & Marketing for Car-O-Liner added, “Tim comes to Car-O-Liner by recommendation from a few of our current Distributors as well as our mutual customers throughout Alaska. With Tim’s extensive experience, customer care skills and established relationships, we are confident and excited about his partnership to represent Car-O-Liner in the state of Alaska



Tim is an I-CAR Instructor for the state of Alaska, as well as one of the state’s I-CAR Welding Instructors. To contact Cronquist Equipment, call (907) 346-1777, e-mail or visit

10/23/2015 at 8:45 AM

Car-O-Liner at EquipAuto 2015

The EquipAuto exhibition in Paris took place from Tuesday to Saturday, October 13-17. This year there was much increased interest from countries other than France.


The EquipAuto exhibition in Paris took place from Tuesday to Saturday, October 13-17. This year there was much increased interest from countries other than France. Of the more than 14 000 exhibitors, 60% were foreign.  And this year 25% of the 95 000 visitors came from countries other than France.

“It is exciting to see the global interest in this fantastic show,” said Johan Wallenthin, European Sales Manager for Car-O-Liner.



During this event Car-O-Liner took the  opportunity to present the latest products and innovations for both Car-O-Liner and Josam including: the new resistance spot welder CTR7 and the MIG welder product line.  New accessories for Speed and the new version of ITruck and CamAligner for the commercial vehicles were also displayed

Car-O-Liner, Josam and TruckCam experienced an exciting show with many new contacts made and very positive sales figures.

2015-08-13 17.52.17.jpg

The largest WorldSkills competition in history is now over and what a competition it was! Over 1200 talented individual competed at the first ever WorldSkills to be held in Latin America. At the closing ceremonies Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were presented to Competitors

WorldSkills 2015 Winners

with the highest points in their skill, 50 skills were represented in the competition. In addition, all Competitors who obtained 500 or more points, but who were not awarded a medal, received a Medallion for Excellence. 

Car-O-Liner had over 2 000 m2 of space and 23 complete workbays for the 20 contestants who competed in Skill 13, Autobody Repair. The stand also had room for the experts and interpreters, plus various meeting rooms and stock areas. The atmosphere was intense during the 4 day competition but in the end the Gold Medal went to Takuma Shimizu, Japan. Tied for the Silver Medal were Manuel Lipp, Switzerland and Liang Luo, China.

Photo: WorldSkills

JOSAM i-Track installation, Mann, TallinnA new, state-of-the-art  JOSAM i-track with mobile target scales was recently installed at Mann in Tallinn.

Josam’s Morgan Tisbo, in cooperation with Josatehnik of Estonia, was on hand for the installation and held training for staff.  The large number of articulated buses in need of alignment was a perfect match for the JOSAM i-track.JOSAM i-Track installation in Tallinn

PTEN Innovation Award Logo

The Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation Wins Professional Tool & Equipment News 2015 Innovation Award! 

Awarded Top Honors in Body Shop Equipment Product Category

Car-O-Liner has been selected as the winner of the Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) Innovation Award in the BodyShop Equipment category for the Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation.

Aluminum_Workstation.pngEvery year, PTEN requests tool and equipment manufacturers to submit their new and innovative products for consideration in the PTEN Innovation Awards.  This year, the publication received a record 117 product nominations in February with judging and award recognition in August.

Evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of technicians and shop owners, the PTEN Innovation Awards recognize the most innovative products introduced in the last year to the automotive aftermarket. These tools, introduced or significantly updated within the last year, are evaluated based on their ability to make vehicle diagnosis and repair easier and more efficient, and make shops more productive.

Car-O-Liner’s Aluminum Workstation is a durable, high-quality repair system containing an array o

Aluminum Workstation-Blue

f tools designed specifically for aluminum repair.  Innovative carbon fiber pull bars are as much as 30% lighter than the aluminum counterpart with a lifetime warranty and include an extended length pull bar ideal for aluminum bedside repairs.  The work surface and shelves provide ample storage space to organize your tools in one place while maximizing productivity.

“It is an honor to receive this prestigious award”, said Doug Bortz, Director of Sales & Marketing for Car-O-Liner Company. “Our company considers this accolade in high regard as representative of our mission to meet evolving industry requirements with products such as our innovative aluminum workstation.”

Read more about Car-O-Liner's Aluminum Workstation and Aluminum Repair Products here >

Car-O-Liner's Speed bench has received a face-lift and new accessories that make it even faster to get started on collision repair.

Speed, Grey, with Drive-On Ramps

Both Speed and Speed Plus are now available in Grey.
They are also available to order with and without
the Telescopic Lifting Pad Kit.




Telescopic lifting arms for SpeedThe B736 Telescopic Lifting Pad Kit gives you even faster set-up times.

The removable bench arms with telescopic lifting pads can be adjusted
vertically for easy mounting and lifting. Simply lift and turn the lever to raise
or lower the pads. (Kit includes 4 units of B735)
Available in Car-O-Liner Blue and Grey 


Speed Drive-On Ramp KitWith the B68 Drive-On Ramp Kit there is no need for extra arms. 

With Speed’s new drive-on ramps your repair work can begin almost immediately. The
ramps are easily lifted on/off the bench as desired. Drive-on and get to work!
(Kit includes Rubber Pad Kit, Art. No. 46870)
Available in Car-O-Liner Blue and Grey. 


B649 Speed Extension for Measuring

The B649 Strengthened Measuring Extensions - give increased performance
and safety, even during pulling. Available in Car-O-Liner Blue and Grey.





Read more under Products/Alignment Benches/Speed >


Car-O-Liner is at WorldSkills 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Car-O-Liner takes pride in helping the young talented technicians who are taking part in the Auto Body Repair competition at WorldSkills 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Auto Body Repairers return vehicles damaged by collision to the same condition of operation, safety and appearance to their pre-collision state. They must prepare the vehicle to a condition ready for refinishing by a car painter.

Visit our Facebook page for updates from the competition:

7/10/2015 at 6:35 PM

Car-O-Liner Heads to NACE!

Car-O-Liner Heads to NACE!

Car-O-Liner will be exhibiting in booth #722 at the 2015 NACE | CARS Expo in Detroit, Michigan held July 23-25.  Our full line up of equipment solutions including structural alignment benches, measuring, anchoring and an array of welding will be on display.  Live demonstrations of MIG and Spot Welding, Measuring and Aluminum Repair will show attendees hands-on use of this equipment for their repair applications.  In addition, Car-O-Liner will participate in the Shop of Tomorrow, showcasing the all-new Vision2 measuring system.  Stop by to see how an intuitive workflow will speed up your electronic measuring. 


Finally, Car-O-Liner is proud to support the MSO Symposium again this year and looks forward to the interaction and collaboration that has made this event such a great success.  See you all soon in Detroit!

Car-O-Liner is gearing up for WorldSkills 2015 which will be held from August 11-16 in São Paulo, Brazil.

worldskills-2015-logo.jpgWorldSkills is an ideal opportunity for youths to find their perfect vocation and Car-O-Liner takes pride in the fact that we are helping young, talented technicians get a start in their professions. As the official sponsor of the Auto Body Repair competition we are providing 23 complete workbays with equipment from alignment benches to measuring equipment and welders.

Meanwhile in São Paulo workers are feverishly getting Anhembi Park, one of the largest event centers in Latin America, ready for this fantastic event. Anhembi Park has over 400 000 m2 of exhibition space and hosts more than 1000 events per year, accommodating over 6 million visitors.

This year’s competition is brought to you, in part, by SENAI, one of the five largest professional education institutions in the world. SENAI has 842 educational units throughout Brazil and during its 72 years has trained more than 61 million professionals.

Stay tuned in for more info on this year’s competition, but until then, this short film gives a brief history of WorldSkills International.

SkillsUSA will come to Louisville, 22-26 June 2015 for its 51st annual National Leadership and Skills Conference, a showcase of the talent of career and technical education students.

Skills USA 2015Quality career and technical education will be the centerpiece of the conference. More than 15,000 students, teachers, education leaders, and representatives from more than 600 national corporations, trade associations, businesses, and labor unions will participate in the event. A special highlighted event will be the annual SkillsUSA Championships 24 and 25 June with 100 hands-on skill and leadership competitions.

51st annual National Leadership and Skills Conference

22-26 June 2015
Louisville, Ky.
Kentucky Exposition Center
Kentucky International Convention Center
The Crowne Plaza
The Firefighting Academy

SkillsUSA Championships

Date: 24-24 June 2015, 9.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.
Location: Kentucky Exposition Center, Crowne Plaza,
The Firefighting Academy
These events are open to the public and free of charge.

Food for thought! By Travis Bradbury, contributing writer to Forbes Magazine

orange in apple.jpg11 Things Ultra-Productive People Do Differently

By Travis Bradberry Contirbutor to Forbes Magazine

When it comes to productivity, we all face the same challenge—there are only 24 hours in a day. Yet some people seem to have twice the time; they have an uncanny ability to get things done. Even when juggling multiple projects, they reach their goals without fail.

Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose. —Thomas Edison


It feels incredible when you leave the office after an ultra-productive day. With the right approach, you can make this happen every day. You don’t need to work longer or even do more—you just need to work smarter. Try these 11 productivity hacks that ultra-productive people rely on:

1. They Never Touch Things Twice

Productive people never put anything in a holding pattern, because touching things twice is a huge time-waster. Don’t save an email or a phone call to deal with later. As soon as something gets your attention you should act on it, delegate it or delete it.

2. They Get Ready for Tomorrow Before They Leave the Office

Productive people end each day by preparing for the next. This practice accomplishes two things: it helps you solidify what you’ve accomplished today, and it ensures you’ll have a productive tomorrow. It only takes a few minutes and it’s a great way to end your workday.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. —Benjamin Franklin


3. They Eat Frogs

“Eating a frog” is the best antidote for procrastination, and ultra-productive people start each morning with this tasty treat. In other words, they do the least appetizing, most dreaded item on their to-do list before they do anything else. After that, they’re freed up to tackle the stuff that excites and inspires them.


4. They Fight The Tyranny Of The Urgent

The tyranny of the urgent refers to the tendency of little things that have to be done right now to get in the way of what really matters. This creates a huge problem as urgent actions often have little impact. If you succumb to the tyranny of the urgent, you can find yourself going days, or even weeks, without touching the important stuff. Productive people are good at spotting when putting out fires is getting in the way of their performance, and they’re willing to ignore or delegate the things that get in the way of real forward momentum.

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. —William Penn


5. They Stick to the Schedule During Meetings

Meetings are the biggest time waster there is. Ultra-productive people know that a meeting will drag on forever if they let it, so they inform everyone at the onset that they’ll stick to the intended schedule. This sets a limit that motivates everyone to be more focused and efficient.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. —Michael Altshuler


6. They Say No

No is a powerful word that ultra-productive people are not afraid to wield. When it’s time to say no, they avoid phrases such as I don’t think I can or I’m not certain. Saying no to a new commitment honors your existing commitments and gives you the opportunity to successfully fulfill them. Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco shows that the more difficulty that you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression. Learn to use no, and it will lift your mood, as well as your productivity.


7. They Only Check E-mail At Designated Times

Ultra-productive people don’t allow e-mail to be a constant interruption. In addition to checking e-mail on a schedule, they take advantage of features that prioritize messages by sender. They set alerts for their most important vendors and their best customers, and they save the rest until they reach a stopping point. Some people even set up an autoresponder that lets senders know when they’ll be checking their e-mail again.  


8. They Don’t Multitask Ultra-productive people know that multitasking is a real productivity killer. Research conducted at Stanford University confirms that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time. The researchers found that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time. But what if some people have a special gift for multitasking? The Stanford researchers compared groups of people based on their tendency to multitask and their belief that it helps their performance. They found that heavy multitaskers—those who multitask a lot and feel that it boosts their performance—were actually worse at multitasking than those who like to do a single thing at a time. The frequent multitaskers performed worse because they had more trouble organizing their thoughts and filtering out irrelevant information, and they were slower at switching from one task to another. Ouch.

 Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully.  


9. They Go off The Grid

Don’t be afraid to go off grid when you need to. Give one trusted person a number to call in case of emergency, and let that person be your filter. Everything has to go through them, and anything they don’t clear has to wait. This strategy is a bulletproof way to complete high-priority projects.

One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week. —Charles Richards


10. They Delegate

Ultra-productive people accept the fact that they’re not the only smart, talented person in their organization. They trust people to do their jobs so that they can focus on their own.


11. They Put Technology to Work for Them

Technology catches a lot of flak for being a distraction, but it can also help you focus. Ultra-productive people put technology to work for them. Beyond setting up filters in their email accounts so that messages are sorted and prioritized as they come in, they use apps like IFTTT, which sets up contingencies on your smart phone and alerts you when something important happens. This way, when your stock hits a certain price or you have an email from your best customer, you’ll know it. There’s no need to be constantly checking your phone for status updates.


Bringing It All Together

 We’re all searching for ways to be more efficient and productive. I hope these strategies help you to find that extra edge.

5/8/2015 at 11:35 AM

Vision2 Wins Gold - Again!

Car-O-Liner is proud to announce that its Vision2 software has once again won the Innovation Award Gold Medal at Automechanika Johannesburg, S. Africa in the beginning of May.

AM_JHB-Gold Medal Plakett.jpgAll competing products were assessed by a jury comprising Christopher Crookes of Extra Dimensions; John Ellmore of the RMI; David Furlonger of the Times Media Group; Robert Houdet of NAACAM; Norman Lamprecht of NAAMSA and Jakkie Olivier of the RMI. “The overall quality of entries was high,” said Wynter Murdoch, convener of the Innovation Awards.

“It was heartening, also, to see such a diversity of items in contention from different spectrums of the automotive industry”, said Wynter Murdoch, convener of the Innovation Awards. He adds:

“In the eyes of the jury, Car-O-Liner’s Vision2 Software – which was launched at the show – exemplified a state-of-the-art means of quickly and efficiently measuring collision damaged vehicles, helping to reduce cycle times and aiding accurate, efficient and safe alignment work throughout the repair process.”

The software won a gold medal last year at the Innovation Awards at Automechanika Frankfurt. The photo-based Vision2 software, which guides repair and performs automatic centring, measuring and documentation, is easy and quick to use, cutting the time it takes to complete repair measurements by as much as 20%.

5/5/2015 at 2:07 PM

Midsummer Office Closings

The Car-O-Liner Group offices in Sweden will be closed on Friday, June 19th for the Midsummer Holiday. We will reopen on Monday, June 23rd.

The Car-O-Liner Group offices in Sweden will be closed on Friday, June 19th for the Midsummer Holiday. We will reopen on Monday, June 23rd.

All Car-O-Liner Group offices in Sweden will be closed for the Ascension Holiday Thursday and Friday, May 14th & 15th. We will reopen on Monday, May 18th.

All Car-O-Liner Group offices in Sweden will be closed for the Ascension Holiday Thursday and Friday, May 14th & 15th.

We will reopen on Monday, May 18th.

Booth #1355!


Friday, April 24 through April 26, Car-O-Liner participated in an exhibit at the Automechanika Chicago show held at McCormick Place.  The latest in aluminum repair, welding, and live measuring were demonstrated.  

Car-O-Liner, together with our Distributor Met Teknik, sponsored and participated in the Turkish Dealer Conference OYDER..

MetTeknik-TurkietThis was the first time that Car-O-Liner participated in the congress held in Istanbul April 6-8.

"It was an honor to participate in this Congress", said Jonas Gunnarsson, VP and Manager, BU Automotive at Car-O-Liner. (Photo)

3/30/2015 at 11:17 AM

Engineering jobs now Available

Car-O-Liner is looking for a new Engineering Manager and a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

For more information please see About/Careers  or in Swedish Om/Karriär

Metropolitan Car-o-liner, the first-ever U.S. distributor of Car-O-Liner products, will be exhibiting at AASP-NJ’s 38th Annual NORTHEAST 2015 Automotive Services Show, March 20-22, 2015.

NE Show 2015_logo.pngHeld in Secaucus, New Jersey at the Meadowlands Exposition Center,  NORTHEAST is a three-day event for the collision repair industry. Metropolitan Car-o-liner will occupy 1,800 square feet at the show, where it will feature new products and live demonstrations. 

In addition, Metropolitan Car-o-liner will facilitate an educational seminar presented by Larry Montanez III, CDA, of P&L Consultants.  Larry will present “Estimating and Diagnosis of Structural Damage on Aluminum-Intensive Vehicles & Joining Methods”.  The presentation will cover the differences in how aluminum and steel vehicles absorb and manage collision impact forces and energy as well as attachment methods and welding differences.  This training will take place on Saturday, March 21, at 8:30am in Seminar Room A and then on the show floor.  Pre-registration is required at

Car-O-Liner's award winning new Vision2 software for the Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring systems is now available!

Get the job done 20% faster than before!

46681_Vision2_X1_box.jpg          46682_Vision2_X2_box.jpg          46683_Vision2_X3_box.jpg

The photo-based Vision2 software, which guides the entire repair process and performs automatic centering, measuring and documentation, has a new, intuitive interface. It is so user-friendly that technicians can complete the measurement process 20% faster than before.

Add to this the 3-dimensional images, detailed photos, our handEye application for Android and iOS, and connection to Car-O-Data, our database with measurements for over 15,000 vehicles worldwide, and you have one complete measuring system that can reduce your cycle times and create safer, more efficient alignment work.


At the Automechanika 2014 show in Germany, Car-O-Liner won the Innovation Award for Vision2 in the category of IT & Management — that’s how special this new software is.

With the release of the Vision2 software the previous versions will be discontinued.

For more information please contact or see our Vision2 webpage.

2/4/2015 at 12:33 PM

Automessen Norway 2015

Visit us at the Auto Trade Fair in Norway, Feb 4-7, Lillestrøm

This is the Automotive Branch Suppliers Association’s 13th trade fair for automotive suppliers and is a meeting place for automotive suppliers throughout Scandinavia.

Car-O-Liner is presenting products from its three brands, Car-O-Liner, Josam and TruckCam. 

See us at Stand: C03-20!

Open hours:

Wed - Fri 10 -18

Sat 10 - 17

Automessen 2015_w_0.JPG

The Autoexpert Workshop Trade Show was held January 30-31 for the first time at the new Friends Arena in Solna, Sweden.

AutoExpert Workshop Trade Show 2015Car-O-Liner was on hand to show and demonstrate its CH37 and CH100 induction heaters, their Smart Repair products and training and the newly updated Speed Alignment Bench system.


In total 83 companies presented their workshop tool, services and other products.AutoExpert Workshop Trade Show 2015

“Interest, as well as the number of visitors, was high during the two day show,” says Magnus Larsson, Managing Director of Car-O-Liner in Sweden.  “We were able to make new contacts and look forward to working with them in the future.”


AutoExpert Workshop Trade Show 2015

Autoexperten is a Swedish retail and workshop chain that currently has ca 70 shops for sales of accessories and spare parts for automobiles. The main focus of the workshop trade show is to show how Autoexperten can meet workshop’s needs for products and services.  

Car-O-Liner Company participated in the NADA Show held in San Francisco January 23-25, 2015. The 98th NADA Convention & Expo is where thousands of the nation's new car dealers come to learn, network and shop with the industry's top leaders and retailers.

Products on display included the new CTR7 spot welder, our line of MIG welders, the PointX diagnostic measuring system, our aluminum cart, as well as a mock aluminum bay with a bench, anchoring and WorkShop equipment inventory walls.  Car-O-Liner products were also on display in the GM and Mopar booths in support of our strong OEM connections. 


The NADA story began in 1917 when 30 auto dealers traveled to the nation’s capital to convince Congress not to impose a luxury tax on the automobile. They successfully argued that the automobile is a necessity of American life, not a luxury. From that experience was born the National Automobile Dealers Association. Today, NADA represents nearly 16,000 new-car and new-truck dealerships with 32,500 franchises, both domestic and international. For more information, visit

Car-O-Liner announces that Flat Line Sales & Distribution is the exclusive Distributor of Car-O-Liner products within the Ontario province of Canada.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada, the Flat Line team offers exceptional service to their extensive customer network.  “We are extremely happy to add such a dynamic product to our business.  We look forward to providing the same quality and customer service to the Car-O-Liner customers that we do with all of our products,” says Matt Gibson, General Manager of Flat Line.  “With sales of Car-O-Liner equipment, we have taken the next step in the evolution of our company.  We are tremendously excited that Car-O-Liner has chosen us to represent sales in Ontario and we are ready to present their quality products to both existing and new customers.”  Doug Bortz, National Sales Manager for Car-O-Liner adds, “When we look for a Distributor, we look for partners who share the same values that we do.  Flat Line shows the same commitment to quality and customer care that motivates Car-O-Liner.  We look forward to a great partnership with them.” 

For more information on Flat Line, visit or call (905) 475-5600.



The Bentley Motor Aftersales Department has approved Car-O-Liner Equipment

Car-O-Liner is proud to announce the approval by Bentley Motors Aftersales Department of our
BenchRack 5500, the Car-O-Tronic Electronic Measuring System and the EVO 3 Holding System.
According to Bentley, the basis of this approval is that Car-O-Liner has similar approvals from
Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini and Porsche.


At the ABP Night of Knights Awards Ceremony in early December, the Women's Automotive Group provided a Special Recognition Award to Car-O-Liner's Stuart Alexander.

Knights Award.jpgStuart has selflessly and tirelessly devoted his time, often going above and beyond the call of duty to help and inspire young technicians, promote apprenticeships and training, to up-skill talented people within our industry.

Having spent three decades in the world of body repair, Stuart has risen through the ranks from apprentice to technician and into his current role as National Sales Manager.

Alongside his day job, Stuart has helped nurtured the skills of young apprentices and is heavily involved with SkillsAuto and WorldSkills, helping to raise the profile of the body repair sector and highlight the quality of training on offer.

David Massie, the IMI’s Skills Competition Manager said of Stuart;

"In his role as senior competition judge, he is an inspiration to the entire SkillAuto team. His passion, enthusiasm and energy in encouraging our young competitors to achieve their full potential is unmatched. Stuart has helped transform the automotive body repair competition to a highly respected event, testing our competitors up to and beyond world class standards. Everyone at SkillAuto and Worldskills UK are very grateful to have someone of Stuart's calibre on board."

ABP's Tracy Jesson who heads-up the Women's Automotive Group was delighted to present the Special Recognition Award to Stuart who is most deserving of this award.

Motorbranschens Tekniska Gymnasiet moved into a new location in August and on Nov 26th they showed it off to politicians, sponsors and other interested parties. Their new, fresh school is in the Högsbo/Sisjön area at JA Pripps gata 2, 421 32 V. Frölunda

Motorbranschens Tekniska Gymnasiet is a vehicle and transport high school for students with a high interest in mechanics, technique and driving. The students are offered a modern and updated education that is adapted to the competence demands that required in the workplace. It is a wide and varied education that includes both theoretical and practical courses and gives not only a good general education but also high quality vocational training. 


Car-O-Liner sponsors MTG with a Speed™ alignment bench (the school’s only one), a CTR12000 totally automatic resistance spot welder and a Volvo workstation.  ”We are proud to be able to support this school with equipment that will help students to realize their dream of working within the collision repair industry,” says Magnus Larsson, Manager Car-O-Liner Sweden. ”Besides providing equipment we also have an agreement with the school to train students at our Car-O-liner Academy (which is close to MTG) on larger alignment benches,” he adds.

MTG-Invig-w_02.JPGThe new location has room for 240 students who can study the following courses in the Vehicle and Transport program: 

  • Heavy trucks and mobile machines: Training for Heavy Truck Technician

  • Personal vehicles: Training to Personal Vehicle Technician

  • Body and Paint: Training for Collision Repair Technician or Paint Technician

  • Transport: Training for Bus drivers, Heavy vehicle driver or goods specialist/terminal employee

MTG will also the the host of EuroSkills 2016 where young people (up to 25 years old) from over all of Europé compete for the European Title in Vocational Skills. This is the first time this competition will be held in Sweden. 



For more information on MTG see

For more information on EuroSkills see

11/24/2014 at 10:44 AM

SEMA 2014 Prize Giveaway

SCRS and Car-O-Liner Team Up for SEMA 2014 Prize Giveaway

Prosser, Washington, November 20, 2014 - On November 7th, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) in partnership with Car-O-Liner provided two lucky SEMA Show attendees with fabulous prizes to help perform both aluminum and traditional steel repairs. For the fourth year in a row, SCRS' Ultimate SEMA Giveaway gave attendees the chance to win by visiting SEMA booth locations of companies who have generously stepped up to support the association's Repairer Driven Education (RDE) series. This year's prizes - the newly launched Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation and QP-1 Steel Dent Puller - were won by K. Michael Bradshaw (K&M Collision, Hickory, NC) and Paul Rudow (CARSTAR Elmira, Ontario), respectively. 

"When I got the call from Aaron [Schulenburg, SCRS Executive Director] telling me that I had won, I asked if he was messing with me," chuckles Bradshaw. "It was such perfect timing; we are already Porsche-certified at the shop for aluminum, but were looking to buy this exact piece of equipment as we look at expanding our services to work on Ford's new aluminum vehicles. It couldn't have come at a better time."

This year marks Bradshaw's first-ever trip to SEMA, and as he explains, SCRS was a major factor in getting him to the Las Vegas Convention Center. "The RDE series was the main reason we came to the SEMA Show. Of course there are a ton of cool products on the floor to see, some of which we purchased, others we're looking into for the future, but we got so much out of all the educational opportunities provided by SCRS. The OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit in particular was so informative - to have representatives from manufacturers like Audi, Tesla and BMW sitting right up there and available to answer repairers' questions was amazing. At our shop, we've always held SCRS in high regard - we actually just recently joined as a member - and we've always appreciated all they do for the industry. Winning this workstation just makes us appreciate them, as well as the generosity of Car-O-Liner, even more!"

Coming all the way from Canada to attend the SEMA Show, Rudow had no idea he would be leaving Las Vegas the proud owner of a new QP-1 Dent Puller. "It was definitely a nice surprise being one of the prize winners," he says. "We've already been in touch with the Canadian Car-O-Liner rep, who will be delivering the equipment to us. We're very excited!"

"This was my second SEMA traveling with my brother and business partner," Rudow continues. "One of the nicest things - other than this great prize from SCRS, of course - is the enthusiasm that the vendors we meet seem to put into their presentations, and also just into general conversation. Everybody asks questions about Canada, and we had many nice chats going on. We're already looking forward to coming back next year and meeting some more friendly faces!"

Car-O-Liner has partnered with SCRS in past years to offer valuable prize giveaways for SEMA attendees. As National Sales Manager Doug Bortz explains, the decision to once again team up with the association was a no-brainer, especially in light of rapid changes coming to the industry. "With the focus on aluminum, Car-O-Liner feels we have the best solution for repairing damaged aluminum panels when they can and should be repaired," he says. "The Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation provides the best mix of tools to provide accurate and efficient repairs. Car-O-Liner works closely with those organizations that promote topics and agendas important to our industry, providing growth and relevancy for collision centers to be successful. This is what we see in the hands-on team at SCRS, and they have been wonderful to work with."

The 2014 RDE Series at SEMA was sponsored by industry organizations including PPG Refinish Products; AudaExplore, a Solera Company; BASF; General Motors Company; The Hertz Corporation; Ford Motor Co.; Alliance of Automotive Service Providers; AkzoNobel Coatings; LKQ Corporation; Paint Body & Equipment Specialists (a division of the Auto Care Association); SATA; Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, Inc. and Spanesi Americas Inc.

Car-O-Liner and award winners SEMA 2014.jpg

11/17/2014 at 3:50 PM

Car-O-Liner at SEMA

The Car-O-Liner stand at SEMA, where new products were presented and demonstrated, attracted a record number of visitors - and new business!

SEMA 2014 - PointX

The SEMA Show 2014 was held in Las Vegas November 4-7 and drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers. With exhibits segmented into 12 sections, the Car-O-Liner booth in the Collision Repair section showcased 3,000 square feet of product and demonstration displays including new equipment introduced at the show. 

The new Car-O-Liner CTR7 welder was debuted at SEMA along with demos for the QP-1 Dent Puller and Aluminum Workstation.  Car-O-Liner’s new Vision2 electronic measuring software was introduced with demos of the enhanced interface for faster workflow.  The Speed alignment bench included new innovative accessories for loading and lifting. 

Featured industry presenters included GM with the display of a 2015 Corvette Stingray anchored with EVO in an aluminum bay complete with curtains, BMW’s new lightweight i3 body on a Benchrack, as well as presentations by Henrob on their riveting technology.  

Further expansion in the Saudi Arabian market presents great business opportunities for Car-O-Liner.

Saudi-2-web_sm.pngCar-O-Liner's Michael Royson and Adib Ketuly meet Saudi Arabia's Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Tawfig Al-Rabiah and Vice Minister Fahad Al-Jalajed.  

On October 26th a meeting with investors and business partners was held at the Ministry Of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh. The discussions regarded the development of safe repairs and future body shop projects.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for us," says Adib Ketuly. "We are looking forward to expanding our product base in this growing market.

The Auto Trade Expo was held in Dublin November 8-9 and Car-O-Liner was proud to receive the award for Body Shop Tools and Equipment Supplier of the Year.

irish-news-sm.pngIt was a weekend of excitement at the Inaugural Auto Trade Expo in the CityWest Hotel, Dublin where Car-O-Liner exhibited some of its most innovative products, with the most interest being paid to the New Point X Diagnostic Measuring System. The Point X  launch was our most successful and exciting product launch since the introduction of the Car-O-Tronic Measuring System over twenty years ago.


The Inaugural 2015 Irish Auto Trade Awards took place at a Gala Dinner on Sunday November 9, 2014 and covered every sector of the Irish Automotive Aftermarket Industry.


Car-O-Liner was nominated for the Award in the category of Bodyshop Tools and Equipment Supplier of the Year. We were honoured and delighted to receive the Award on Sunday evening cementing Car-O-Liner’s place as the top Equipment Supplier to the Irish Autobody Repair Industry.


Stuart Alexander, Car-O-Liner’s National Sales Manager accepting the award on Sunday evening on behalf of Car-O-Liner said:

“This has been an amazing couple of years for Car-O-Liner and this award goes a long way to highlighting the busy and exciting times we have had since we made the decision to supply direct to the Irish Autobody Repair Industry as the Manufacturer. With such positive feedback from the Expo we can see this is going to carry on into the future, not only for ourselves but also for the Irish Autobody Repair Industry.” 

In his new role, Trahey will support the Car-O-Liner Academy training initiatives by developing technical education programs and technical writing, as well as supporting the company's distributor and customer network through technical presentations within the North American automotive aftermarket.

dan_trahey_web.pngPrior to joining Car-O-Liner, he was the Auto Body, Automotive Restoration and Welding Program Director for Baker College in Flint, Mich., for five years. His responsibilities included curriculum creation, development of budgets and overall management of the programs. Trahey has experience in the automotive industry as an auto body technician, insurance appraiser and shop manager. He is ASE certified as a master collision/refinish technician, estimator, and in steering and suspension and brakes.

“I am very excited to have Dan join the Car-O-Liner team,” said Jeff Kern, president of Car-O-Liner. “Dan brings a significant amount of technical and training expertise to greatly benefit the many diverse groups here in North America and within our Global Academy structure, which will be a huge asset for our company.”

In his new role, Trahey will support the Car-O-Liner Academy training initiatives by developing technical education programs and technical writing, as well as supporting the company's distributor and customer network through technical presentations within the North American automotive aftermarket.

Dan TraheyPrior to joining Car-O-Liner, he was the Auto Body, Automotive Restoration and Welding Program Director for Baker College in Flint, Mich., for five years. His responsibilities included curriculum creation, development of budgets and overall management of the programs. Trahey has experience in the automotive industry as an auto body technician, insurance appraiser and shop manager. He is ASE certified as a master collision/refinish technician, estimator, and in steering and suspension and brakes.

“I am very excited to have Dan join the Car-O-Liner team,” said Jeff Kern, president of Car-O-Liner. “Dan brings a significant amount of technical and training expertise to greatly benefit the many diverse groups here in North America and within our Global Academy structure, which will be a huge asset for our company.”

Isolate Pulling Forces and Hold New Parts at Factory Specs with EVO

ABRN_pulling-forces.pngLearn how EVO universal anchoring not only eliminates fixture rental costs, but can be assembled to meet unique configurations for
every vehicle year, make and model. 

Watch the video at 

9/29/2014 at 10:15 AM

WorldSkills Perth

The National WorldSkills event for Australia was held September 18-20 in Perth. The contest featured the seven finalists from around Australia competing for the national title and the chance to represent Australia in panel beating in the International WorldSkills final in Brazil 2015.

WorldSkills Australia 2014All seven finalists had to compete, and win, against the best in their area in Australia in order to make the finals. 

Over the three day competition a wide range of tasks needed to be completed. The object was a Toyota body shell. Contestants also had to be able to measure and identify damage on a vehicle set up on a Car-O-Liner bench using Car-O-Liner electronic measuring equipment.WorldSkills  Austraila 2014

The gold medal went to Trent Yeo of Melbourne-VIC, the silver medal to Graham Munro of Hunter-NSW and the bronze to Blake Holden of Sydney-NSW. 

The WorldSkills competition aims to develop and nurture the skills of young people around the world, by promoting and building a skills culture, and by inspiring young people, celebrating skills excellence and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent.

The National WorldSkills event for Australia was held September 18-20 in Perth. The contest featured the seven finalists from around Australia competing for the national title and the chance to represent Australia in panel beating in the International WorldSkills final in Brazil 2015.

WorldSkills Australia 2014WorldSkills Australia 2014WorldSkills Australia 2014

The Brazilian National Skills 2014 contest was held in Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil in early September.

Gold Medal Winner National Skills Brazil - Matheus ArrudaThe gold medal went to Matheus Arruda, from São Paulo SENAI School Ipiranga. Mathew will now be competing in World Skills 2015 to be held August 11-16 in São Paulo. Congratulations Matheus and good luck!

The Brazilian National Skills 2014 contest was held in Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil in early September.

Senai Training Brazil_03.jpg  Senai Training Brazil_02.jpg  Senai Training Brazil_01.jpg

Starting this past Tuesday and continuing until Saturday Car-O-Liner is participating in the Automechanika show in Frankfurt.

Innovation AwardWe are showing our new products: Award Winning Vision2 Software, PointX diagnostic measuring tool, CTR7 spot welder, SMART Repair techniques and much more. 

On the first day of the show we were presented with the prestigious Innovation Award for our new measuring system Speed with new sill rampssoftware, Vision2. Jonas Gunnarsson, VP and Head of Business Unit Automotive was on hand to accept the award. “We are very proud to receive this prestigious award honoring our leadership in state-of-the-art measuring software for the vehicle collision repair market,” says Jonas Gunnarsson, VP and Business Unit Manager.

Photos can be seen on our Facebook site:

Stop by Hall 11.0 Stand C65 if you are in the neighborhood!

Car-O-Liner’s brand new Vision2 software wins the prestigious Innovation Award within the category IT & Management at the Automechanika Trade Show 2014. Vision2 is part of Car-O-Liner’s Vision™ system, state-of-the-art measuring hardware and software for the repair of collision damaged vehicles.

“We are very proud to receive this prestigious award honoring our leadership in state-of-the-art measuring software for the vehicle collision repair market,” says Jonas Gunnarsson, VP and Business Unit Manager. “I would like to thank our employees for their dedication to the pursuit of quality and excellence at Car-O-Liner.” 

Vision2_box_3d_blue.jpgA jury of renowned experts evaluated the entries in accordance with the criteria of:

  • Innovative content and quality of solution
  • Functionality: economic efficiency, user benefit and application areas
  • Aftermarket relevance
  • Safety and quality
  • Contribution to environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability  

Get the job done 20% faster than before!

The photo-based Vision2 software, which guides the entire repair process and performs automatic centering, measuring and documentation, is so user-friendly that technicians can complete the measurement process 20% faster than before. 

Vision2 is compatible with the Car-O-Tronic™ and Car-O-Mech measuring systems as well as with the PointX diagnostic measuring tool and is integrated with Car-O-Data, the world´s largest vehicle measurement database containing data on over 14,500 measured vehicles. 

Vision2 will be presented at a special exhibition in the foyer of Hall 4.1 during the Automechanika Trade Show, September 16-20 in Frankfurt, Germany. The award will be presented during the opening ceremony on September 16, 2014.

Get faster, on-line help with this upgrade to Car-O-Liner's handEye™, a wireless mobile software application for vehicle measurement

NL864_handEye Update_1 99 05.pnghandEye is an innovative and high quality mobile solution. Compatible with the Car-O-Tronic™ Vision measuring system, it makes measuring easier and faster than ever before. An updated version of our handEye application has been approved by Apple and is available at the App Store for download.

handEye version 1.99.05 features improvements within the help function. Click on the Question Mark button and an on-line help
manual opens. We have chosen to use an on-line manual as it will be easier for us to keep the content updated and current.
For more information about handEye, please see the handEye pages under Products.

Read more about handEye >

Measure Suspension Up Front To Complete Repairs On Time


Robert Hornedo, owner of Pacific Collision Equipment Co., in Signal Hill, Calif., (a Car-O-Liner Distributor) and Thomas Balliet, Sales and Technical manager for Orange and San Diego Counties, talk with ABRN Managing Editor Krista McNamara about the importance of suspension diagnostics in the repair process and what they can mean for your shop.

See the video here: 


Measuring For Dollars Makes Sense ... It's as simple as Measure, Document, And Write!

Measuring vehicles before completing an estimate can offer a huge advantage to shops. Robert Hornedo, owner of Pacific Collision Equipment Co., a Car-O-Liner Distributor in California, and Thomas Balliet, Sales and Technical Manager for Orange and San Diego counties, discuss the advantages to measuring for dollars before estimating and the impact it can have on your cycle times and more important, your profit margins.  Click on the image below to watch the video!



In the eighth National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Awards presentation, which started in 2007, Julie Thomas of Car-O-Liner PTY, Australia took home the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Julie Thomas wins National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Award

The magazine feels that giving the awards to a public of peers is the best way to recognise industry participants for their service to the industry. In order to receive the award the nominees must have at least ten years’ service to the industry and have gone above and beyond the scope of their role in the industry. After this year’s ceremony there are now 27 recipients of the award with Julie Thomas being the first female to be given such an honour. Julie’s large and diverse commitment to the industry led to her being nominated and then voted in by her peers.


Julie received her award not only in the company of her peers but also in the presence of her family. The company strives to ensure that the recipient’s families are present and in Julie’s case while her partner Tim Seiber was on hand. Julie had no idea that the magazine had secretly arranged for two of her three children (Lisa was away on vacation) to be in attendance. Hiding in the wings were Nicole and Matt who came out from a side door just as she stepped up to the lectern to receive her award. Of course the emotions attached to receiving the award and then to see her children were overwhelming and it took Julie a while to compose herself and thank everyone for this fine recognition.


The award comes with a framed certificate and an individually hand-blown Kosta Boda vase, the recipient’s name on the honour board and also their photograph and name on the advertisement which appears each month in the National Collision Repairer magazine.


“Julie Thomas is a worthy recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award and we welcome her to the exclusive club,” said David Newton-Ross, Publisher and Editor of the National Collision Repairer magazine. “I have known Julie for more than 30 years and she is a worthy recipient of this award.”

Car-O-Liner is excited to sponsor this year’s Collision Repair Executive Symposium (CRES), formerly the MSO Symposium, held on Friday, August 1, during the 2014 NACE | CARS Expo in Detroit, Michigan.

CRES.pngThe MSO Symposium was launched in 2011, with attendance from the largest multi-shop operators in the collision repair industry. Renamed the Collision Repair Executive Symposium (CRES) this year, the newly-branded event is designed for collision repair multi-shop operators, as well as operators looking for high-growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, divesting, and operational excellence.  This year’s event will offer enhanced content including a focus on management, operations and participation from insurance company executives presenting leading information on industry trends.

Car-O-Liner participated as a sponsor in the inaugural event and, due to the success, decided to participate as a sponsor again this year.  “This venue offers our industry’s multi-shop operators the opportunity to network, learn, and share best practices that will grow their businesses.  Car-O-Liner is honored to be affiliated with such a powerful and influential group of professionals for this exceptional event and encourages MSO’s to participate to learn methods for enhancing business operations and profitability,” said Peter Richardson, Key Accounts Manager for Car-O-Liner Company.

To view the schedule, register, or learn more about the Collision Repair Executive Symposium (CRES), visit the NACE Expo show website,

Be Something! is the theme of the 2014 Swedish Vocationa Career Championship held May 14-16.

Two of the competitors in the 2014 Swedish Championships in Auto Repair Technique honed their skills at Alignment Academy just before the competition’s start. They are Victor Korhonen-Avonds, from Fjärås, working for Bilia personbiler AB and Victor Ståhlkrantz, Huskvarna, working for Holmgrensbil AB Jönköping. 

The Swedish Championship in vocational careers, May 14-16 2014 at the Nolia Arena in Umeå, tests the contestant’s technique and showmanship within construction, design, industry, IT, service, technique and personal care. For three days Sweden’s most professionally skilled youth with compete in 40 different occupational career areas. This is Sweden’s largest investment to increase interest in and recruitment to modern vocational education. At the Career-SM, which has been held every second year since 2004, hundreds of young adults compete. At the last competition over  20 000 youth visited the competition seeking inspiration for their future studies and for the chance to see and try out – giving them the information they need to help them take their first step forward, in the direction they choose.


The Auto Repair competitors will:

  1. Implement a welding exercise
  2. Use an alignment bench to measure and repair a damaged area
  3. Use a damage calculation program
  4. Implement straightening of a damaged area with the carbon miracle system
  5. Demount and remount a door
  6. Speed competitions
  7. Quizzes where the answers may be found in the competition area


Visit the competitors in Hall 2! The Swedish Vocation Career Championship is held in conjunction with WorldSkills Sweden. For more information see:

5/13/2014 at 11:29 AM

Installations from the USA

See photos of Car-O-Liner Installations from around the USA.

Our distributors in the US have sent us photos from their bodyshops showing Car-O-Liner products. 

See the gallery in the MEDIA section of our website.

Car-O-Liner distributor Autonomous was present at Automotive Week in Korea.


Autonomous presented Car-O-Liner systems and solutions at Automotive Week 2014.  The show was held April 28 – 30 at the Kintex trade show center inKorea. Products shown were the Quick 42 alignment bench system & WorkShop Solutions.


Our new Car-O-Liner Smart Repair trainer, Ali Badkobeh, leads a training course in Paintless Dent Repair at Alignment Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Smart Repair Training April2014

Alignment Academy offers courses in Smart Repair Systems, including training in Windscreen and Headlight Repair, Cosmetic Interior Repair and Spot Repair.  For more information, please visit the Training section of our website.


Smart Repair Training April 2014

Dave Demerest talks about Metropolitan Car-O-Liner's participation in the AASP Northeast Tradeshow.

Metropolitan Car-O-Liner at the AASP NE TradeshowThe show, held at the Meadowlands Exhibition Center in New Jersey (only five miles from Manhattan), took place from March 21-23. The show allows exhibitors  to reach one of the largest and most influential target audiences in the world: The auto repair industry of the Northeast region of the US. Learn more about this show on their website:


Watch Dave Demerest speak about the show on YouTube


Car-O-liner China successfully hosted the 2014 Annual Distributors meeting in Macau. "Win the Future".

Win the Future Distributors Conference - ChinaThe Car-O-Liner China Distributor meeting was hosted in Macau on February 19th 2014. Over 60 people from 30 different distribution companies attended. Car-O-Liner presented and shared the business accomplishments which, together with the distributors, it achieved in 2013. The key strategy and business plan for 2014 was also announced.

Concentrating on branding, products, and service, Car-O-Liner and its Chinese distributors implemented a mutual "win-win" strategy. This was the main reason behind Car-O-Liner sustaining its excellent performance in the Chinese market in such a tough year as 2013. To demonstrate its appreciation and respect in regard to these achievements, Car-O-Liner gave awards for Best Performance, Best Service, Fastest Growth and Team Excellence 2013 to certain distributors for their outstanding performances in 2013. The distributors were greatly motivated by these awards.

 In the second half of the meeting, Car-O-Liner held an open discussion with distributors on the following topics:

  1. How to improve sales and make service more effective in 2014.
  2. How to ensure customers from different regions receive similar levels of customer service.
  3. How to improve customer satisfaction in China.

4. How to promote and utilize employees’ knowledge, experience, and skills to offer customers high-quality repairs, improve productivity, and grow profits.

The distributors voiced some customer concerns they had encountered, and Car-O-Liner learned a lot from these energetic discussions, which were very helpful in terms of future business development.

After the distributor meeting, Car-O-Liner invited the distributors to a golf competition at a fantastic golf course in Macau. All participants enjoyed this team building activity and were very impressed with the golf course.

WIXOM, MI – March 12, 2014 - Car-O-Liner®, a leading global provider of collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket, has expanded their equipment offering included in the 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program.

MIG Welders CMI3000II, CMI273 & CMI273 Duo.jpgTo complement the already-approved production-grade CMI3000II MIG/MAG Pulse Welder, two additional welders have been added to the collision repair program. The Car-O-Liner AUTOMIG 273i Pulse Boost MIG Welder is ideal for entry-level welding requirements and includes a 4-wheel wire feed system that uses a single torch and synergic pre-set welding programs. The AUTOMIG 273i Pulse Duo Boost MIG Welder also precisely feeds soft wires like aluminum, but includes two torches making it an efficient tool when there is a need for easy switch-over between welding and brazing operations. Altogether, these three welders present a full line of welding equipment options to provide technicians with the right welder for the most productive repairs – the complete welding solution.

Also added to the collision repair program are frame alignment solutions including Car-O-Liner’s powerful truck clamping system and EVO universal anchoring system that eliminates the need for specialized adapters and tools in favor of universal, approved technology. Car-O-Liner’s Truck Clamping securely mounts every compact truck, pickup, van and sport utility vehicle to provide the versatility a busy shop requires. The Car-O-Liner EVO Extension Package complements the universal EVO1 and EVO2 holding system with components to meet the fixturing requirements of full-frame vehicles. This package includes bolts and bushings specific to Ford F-150 repairs as well as two strong, double-sided tool storage carts to securely store your equipment.

To complete our total equipment solutions offered through the program, Car-O-Liner’s mobile Aluminum Workstation contains tools and equipment to repair aluminum damage. The repair station includes an aluminum spotter along with an array of tools for aluminum dent pulling. The unique advantage of the Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation comes from the design of the equipment included. The dent pulling bars are constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, making them lighter and 3 times stronger than steel.

For more information please contact your nearest Distributor.

Car-O-Liner Company is exhibiting at the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.


With a large attendance, there has been a lot of collaboration amongst OEMs, dealers and others attending this event. The Car-O-Liner booth features a repair bay with a damaged Audi R8 as well as a Ford truck. Highlights include our CMI3000II welder as well as an ECDesign kiosk to show how to maximize shop space.

See more photos on our Facebook page:

After a long day of competition Daniel Pettersson was announced the winner of the Toyota Golden Hammer award at the awards dinner held at the Post Hotel in Gothenburg.





Daniel also competed in the Toyota Golden Hammer competition in 2010 so he was doubly glad to win this year. He showed excellence in each of the 6 parts of the competition (see previous article).  Daniel will travel to Japan later this year to participate in the international final.

"We think this competition is a fantastic way to encourage collision repair specialists to strive to be the very best in their field and are happy and appreciative that we can work together with Toyota Sweden," says Michael Royson, Director, Alignment Academy. "Both Alignment Academy and Toyota Sweden understand that with the development of new vehicle construction methods it becomes extremely important to have knowledge and training in new collision repair methods in order to ensure safe and effective repairs and bodyshop profits."

We wish Daniel all good luck in Japan!

For the third time in a row Alignment Academy, which has a long-standing partnership with Toyota Sweden, hosts the Toyota Sweden Golden Hammer competition to determine the best collision repair technician in Sweden.


The six finalists from around Sweden are competing today in theoretical and practical tests where both speed and thoroughness are demanded. The six competion points include:

  1. Tech Doc, finding the correct information in technical documentation (Teori) IMG_4713_Medium.JPG
  2. Paintless Dent Repair
  3. Door Alignment
  4. Aluminium Hood Alignment
  5. Electrical problem-search
  6. Welding

Last year's winner, Mathias Johansson from Toyota Mölndal, was on hand during the days competition.

The winner for 2014 will be announced later this evening at the ceremonial dinner attended by over 100 Toyota representatives from around Sweden. He will then compete in the international competition later this year in Japan.  

From January 15-18 Car-O-Liner participated in the Auto Trade Show which took place at the Swedish Convention Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Auto Trade Show is Scandinavia’s largest meeting place for the vehicle and auto repair branch’s aftermarket with 270 companies from 12 countries participating this year.

Car-O-Liner and Josam are present with a 218 m2  stand.  Car-O-Liner presented its new PointX point-to-point diagnostic measuring instrument, the BenchRack alignment bench system, the Speed alignment bench, the Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 Electronic Measuring System, the CTR12000 Spot Welder, the CH37 and CH100 Induction Heaters as well as the ECDesign 4 Space Planning System and WorkShop Solutions.

Josam presents its induction heaters JH1000, JH1500 and JH400 as well as the JOSAM i-track.


Over 15 000 attendees from Scandinavia visited the show which also featured various competitions.

For more information see

Car-O-Liner and the Fiat Group have been working together in partnership since May 2013. The purpose of this collaboration is membership in the Fiat Partner Program as well as inclusion in the Fiat “Workshop and Tool Equipment Catalogue”.

Q42-Fiat_2.jpgAs a part of this collaboration, Car-O-Liner recently installed a complete
Car-O-Liner Quick 42 Alignment Bench System and an EVO Anchoring and Holding System at the Fiat Technical Center, Service Regulation and Workshop in Turin, Italy. The center already had the Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 Electronic Measuring System in place.  

“This installation will further increase the possibilities for testing and training at Fiat,” says Marc Lahache, Area Sales Manager at Car-O-Liner.


1/7/2014 at 1:20 PM

New Trainer in Singapore

Jonas Friis Andersen is the new trainer at Alignment Academy in Singapore.

Jonas_Friis_Andersen_100x120mm.jpgJonas has joined the Alignment Academy team in Singapore and replaces Heino Pedersen. From Denmark, Jonas is the winner of the Danish National Panel Beater Competition in 2012 and competed at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 where he took fifth place.


Jonas will be responsible for OEM and Product training as well as course development at the Singapore Academy.


In his free time he is interested in cars and in fitness. 

Alignment Systems is pleased to announce that TruckCam AB, Katrineholm, Sweden is now a member of the Alignment Systems family which includes Car-O-Liner AB and JOSAM AB.

TC-256_application_photo_Small.jpgTruckCam The acquisition of TruckCam will extend both company’s sales and distribution networks enabling us to increase our service level towards TruckCam and JOSAM’s customers in the OEM and Aftermarket segments. In addition we will be able to strengthen our capabilities and better serve a larger part of the market when looking at the technological synergies in the areas of wheel alignment, straightening and induction – with both laser and camera based products now available to JOSAM and TruckCam customers.

For JOSAM and TruckCam it will be business as usual and the brands will be maintained as they have complementing strengths in customer relations as well as market segments.

“A wealth of opportunities, in terms of improved service and sales, has presented itself to us through this acquisition,” says Jonas Gunnarsson, Director, Head of Global Markets. “We are truly looking forward to adding the TruckCam brand to the Alignment Systems group.”

Car-O-Liner is pleased to announce that its working relationship with Just Car Clinics, the second largest independently owned bodyshop group in the UK, has been strengthened even further with the signing of a new two year contract.
Just Car ClinicsThe contract covers service, support and repair of the welding equipment at all of their Just Car Clinic accident repair centres. Stuart Alexander, Car-O-Liner National Sales Manager is quoted as saying, “Having worked in partnership with the Just Car Clinics group (Formally Dixon Car Clinics) for over 20 years, Car-O-Liner is proud to have tailored a welder service and support programme for the Just Car Clinics accident repair centres. This programme is in keeping with today’s ever changing and demanding repair market, and we look forward to many more years of continued success for both our companies.”
Just Car Clinics specialise in accident repair for cars, vans and motorbikes and are specialists in car care maintenance services. They repair more than 45,000 vehicles each year and their customers enjoy the convenience of a wide range of complementary services including servicing, MOTs, new tires, windscreen repair, wheel realignment, air conditioning servicing and valets. Every Just Car Clinics site is Kitemark approved and has ATA accredited technicians and estimators. They believe in investing in every member of their team and have their own training facility and training team.
For more information see:
Staff in Gothenburg celebrated their own "Stirling Moss", Hans Eklund, who is the 2013 Overall Winner of the Historic Racer Cup. (HRC).
Hasse Eklund - Overall Winner Historic Racer Cup
 Hasse Eklund - Overall Winner of the Historic Racer Cup Hasse Eklund - Overall Winner Historic Racer CupHasse showed off all his trophies, 11 in total just from 2013! Besides Overall Winner - RHK Cup, he took first place in Total 1000cc Kat. E.
Hasse, a member of the Falkenberg Motorklubb, has been racing for most of his adult life in a wide variety of historical cars. During the past seven years he has competed with a 1961 Saab GT 750. Most of his free time is spent in his workshop and the car is in top condition.
Car-O-Liner is one of Hasse's sponsors and if you take a closer look you can see the Car-O-Liner logo on the hood and side!
Congratulations Hasse on a fantastic racing year!
Read more at the Racer Historic Club website>
The Car-O-Liner Training Centre in Rugby, UK has been put through its paces over the last two days as the Auto Body Repair Finalists attended specialised training Courses.
Finalist-Training-UK-2013-10-23The courses consisted of Mig Brazing, Mig Welding, Resistance Spot Welding, Jig Realignment using both Mechanical Measuring System and the Car-O-Tronic Electronic Measuring System and were taken in preparation for the Auto Body Repair Final to be held during the Skills Show at the Birmingham NEC between the 14th and 16th November 2013.
This course was attended by:- 
Matthew Bailey of RGM Vehicle Body Repairs Swansea
Jordan Thomas of TWK Thomas & Son Accident Repair Centre Ltd Swansea
Carlo Cipriani of Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd Inverness
Andrew McDonald of P J McClochlan Auto Body Repair
Mark McCarron of Monaghan Brothers Accident Repair Centre Lisnaskea
Lewis Lloyd of B P Rolls (Newport) Ltd
Also attending the two day course was Rod Reed of Newcastle College who carried out Specialised Metal Finish Training. The course has been a great success and Car-O-Liner would like to wish everyone Good Luck at the competition.
On October ninth the Shanghai School Board, along with management and teachers from the school where Alignment Academy holds its training in Shanghai, once again visited Sweden.

Welding SystemAs before the representatives were interested in continuing to setting up good relations with the corporate headquarters of Car-O-Liner, learning more about our global business development plan and to continue the development of a detailed business plan for Academy, both globally and in China.

Jonas Gunnarsson, Director Head of Global Markets at Car-O-Liner, showed the eight delegates around Alignment Academy’s training centre. They were very impressed by the scope of our training. During their visit a Joining Techniques training course was in session and they were able to see sparks fly as Master Trainer Tommy Eriksen led the students through day two of the three day course which included welding techniques.

“This partnership is very important to Alignment Academy and we are glad that the Shanghai School Board is visiting us today”, says Jonas Gunnarsson. “We hope to see our collaboration continue to flourish.”

From August 29 to 30, 2013, with the theme of “Joy from the Charm of Excellent Craft”, BMW China Training Academy/BMW after-sales service and Car-O-Liner (China), arranged and hosted the “BMW National Aftersales B&P Competition of Excellence 2013 - North” with great success.

The competitors were 4,149 repair technicians from 309 BMW dealers. After the first round, performed on-line via internet, and practical tests together with 188 workshop analysis & improvement cases, 176 repair technicians and service staff qualified to meet up for the regional final. They came from all over China and competed in structural repair, measurement & estimation, welding, bonding & gluing, panel shaping, windshield replacement and painting.
BMW China utilizes Car-O-Liner Academy in China for their repair technicians’ training and certification, which is appreciated by the industry as the leader within collision repair training. Car-O-Liner is very proud to be a part of this cooperation with BMW China where we together shape the future of “ excellent craft”.

See more photos from the competition on on Facebook: