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Whether you're a pro or a beginner, you will find video tutorials on how to work with Ecdesign to maximize the benefit to your customer and to increase your sales.

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The new Ecdesign Training Academy includes 5 online courses:

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Swedish Innovation

Car-O-Liner recommends that all Car-O-Liner sales representatives use Ecdesign, the  leading space planning solution for the automotive aftermarket, to help you create perfect workshop for your customers.  With Ecdesign  it is possible to quickly plan and visualize repair shops in 3D without having to use complicated CAD solutions. The Ecdesign software includes over 2000+ body shop 3D models, everthing needed to help you create a detailed plan for your body shop.

The latest version, Ecdesign 4.5 supports the new VR technology from Oculus Rift. Experience your 3D layouts in a truly new way. Your customers will be able to literally step into the finished layout. 

Create the layout in 2D - Planning of the body shop facility is done in very user friendly top view 2D.

Visualize in 3D - With Ecdesign 4.5 you get 360o walk-through videos and image samples. At any moment instantly visualize and analyze the results in a real-time 3D scene. Stunning 360o videos can be viewed with VR headsets such as GEAR VR and Google Cardboard. Quickly discover any bottlenecks which need correcting prior to construction.

Instant, complete presentation - Ecdesign can automatically build you a custom floor plan presentation, including 2D drawing, 3D images and specification documents can be saved and printed at the click of a button.

Instant quotations - Based on the products used in a scene, quotations can be automatically created. No guesswork needed, everything is documented.


Ecdesign = Easy

Watch the video and find out for yourself how easy it is to plan amazing floorplans, layouts and presentations.