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You are now  able to order profile products from Car-O-Liner and Josam direct via our new WebShop. It is super easy to purchase branded merchandise. such as clothing for sales staff and for Academy and workshop staff, giveaways such as thumb drives and caps, as well as gift items for special occasions.

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In 2015 we changed our Core Values. With this change we removed the previous core value images from all printed and digital material. We did this not only because it was no longer accurate but also because our license for the use of the images was no longer active. 

Effective immediately Car-O-Liner will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of the previous core values images described here as: thinking man in front of whiteboard, man running over a finish line, two persons shaking hands, green plant in a person’s hands, and a lighthouse. Please remove immediately any out-of-date copies of our brochures or posted images and replace them with new ones found here on the Distributor Site. 

If you have any questions please contact Marketing at marketing@car-o-liner.se.